Skyrim Nords vs. Vampires: Announcement of The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor, game will be translated into Russian

Publishing house Bethesda and studio ZeniMax Online officially unveiled their game development plan The elder scrolls online for 2023. The developers shared information as part of the online broadcast.

Since 2019, all add-ons for MMOs have been combined as part of a story event. Last year endedDragon season“, which included major additions Elsweyr (access to the northern part of the province of Elsweyr) and Dragonhold (access to the southern part of Elsweyr), as well as two packs of dungeons.

In 2023, players will see a season called “Skyrim’s Dark Heart“. Already in February, players will be able to access the DLC Harrowstorm (set of dungeons), which will become a prologue to the main storyline.

And at the end of spring, a large-scale addition will be released Greymoor. As you know, the eastern part of Skyrim is accessible in TESO (Eastmark and Rift possessions, the cities of Windhelm and Riften, Blikrok island). The new DLC will open for exploration the western provinces.

While developers are talking about the city of Solitude and the giant underground cave Black Limit, which was chosen by vampires. According to the plot, the players have to help the Skyrim standards to repulse the horde of bloodsuckers, as well as find out the reasons for the appearance of mysterious storms.

The list of innovations of the supplement is also disclosed.:

  • Gloomy storms are game events in which you can take part while traveling in a new region.
  • Antiques system – players will be able to become archaeologists, looking for and collecting ancient relics (for this you will have to take part in mini-games).
  • New raid for 12 people Kye’s Aegis.
  • Complete change of the vampire skill branch.
  • New dungeons, quests, as well as further polishing of the game.
  • ZeniMax Online will translate the Russian version of TESO for PC and Mac.

Harrowstorm DLC release (a set of Icereach Coven and Unhallowed Grave dungeons) will be released in February at PC, Xbox one and PS4. Release date Greymoor will be held May 18 on PC and Mac, and owners of the Xbox One and PS4 will have to wait until June 2. In addition, in 2023, TESO will move to Google stadia.

The two remaining DLCs will be released in the third and fourth quarters of this year. If the tradition does not change, we are talking about a smaller zone and another pack of dungeons.

Players can already pre-order The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor to gain access to several in-game rewards: costume and crown of the jarl, pet in the form of a baby mammoth, one loot box, mount in the form of a war horse, treasure map sets and experience scrolls.

For the pre-order of the digital collection version, the above awards will be supplemented by a mount in the form of hounds from a cemetery, a clothing style of a tan-swordsman, a pet in the form of a hound, a set of emotions and a souvenir of the Sphere of Magnus.

Buyers of the disc collection edition will also have access to a map, a steelbook, a set of coins and a statue of a vampire lord.

In the year-long Skyrim Dark Heart adventure, monsters that threaten all of Tamriel climb to the surface from the depths of Western Skyrim. The new Greymour chapter will be central to an exciting story, so stay tuned for the coming months and don’t miss other details about chapter and epic storyline. Skyrim needs heroes! “, – stated in a press release.

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