The creators of Halo: Infinite do not yet know when the shooter will be released – stores publish inaccurate information

Halo: Infinite from 343 Industries was supposed to be the flagship title at the launch of the Xbox Series X in November, however, due to the decision to send the game for additional polish, the release was delayed until 2023. More precise date at the moment, but this is because the developers themselves do not know when it will be released

Community director of 343i announced this on Twitter Brian Gerrard, noting that all information posted by retailers regarding the release date of Halo: Infinite, is nothing more than their own guesses

“We haven’t set a release date for Halo: Infinite yet. Anything you see on seller sites is just stubs / suggestions.”

Earlier, a rumor appeared on the network that the creators of Halo: Infinite could delay the release until 2023 and refuse the version for Xbox One. but soon these speculations were refuted

Halo: Infinite is being created as a crossgen title and will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PC and xCloud. Xbox Game Pass subscribers will receive the game on release day.

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