Review Haimrik

The power of a word

The fact is that in this world such books are endowed with magic – being inside them, on the pages, you can defeat dragons and solve problems.

And then, in reality, it turns out that the fire-breathing lizards lie dead at your feet, and the problems have disappeared.

This is how the local king coped with the enemies and united the country.

Since then, he and his closest associates began to be called Warriors of Words.

It’s another matter that the government corrupts here: in a word, and by deed, the rulers have plunged the kingdom into tyranny, where some are flourishing, while others are languishing in poverty.

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We play for the young clerk Haymrik, who lives in a poor but friendly village next to the royal castle.

Once in the basement of the tavern, he finds a magic book, and went-went-with her help he kills the Warriors of Words, acquires as a friend the tiger Mashamba.

Rages down on the village the wrath of those in power and even arranges a revolution, going against the king himself.

Read, think and jump!

All problems Haymrik basically decides on the pages of his magic folio. Here’s the hero you need to get a ruby.

He cuts his finger over the book and finds himself on its pages.

Moving over the words from left to right.

And the words say that Haymrik walked along the shaft.

The ceilings of which were very unreliable because of the old supports.

He found a pick and went to work.

But at once it should not be accepted – the ceilings will collapse and they will kill the hero.

Bloods and “dismemberment” in this world is already lacking.

First you need to return to the word “krepi”, activate it, then go to the columns and fix them.

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This is just a simple example. In many situations, we need to escape from the enemy or trap them – for example, activate the word “gold” and throw it into a hole with sharp stones.

Where the haunting Hayram goblin will fall.

After all, it was written while we were running, that the goblins were “greedy for gold.”

Unlike other (usually casual) games about words, in Haimrik you do not need to put them correctly into any sentences, choose synonyms, antonyms and participate in other linguistic exercises.

In fact, this is a quest where words act as objects that need to be properly used.

In battles with the “bosses”, the arcade elements are added to this – we shoot the crossbow in the vulnerable places on the body of the same dragon and periodically hide from its fire behind the shields, which we ourselves activate.

When the “boss” persecutes our clerk, who is riding astride the tamgas Masamba.

It is still necessary to jump in time or, on the contrary, to crouch, dodging attacks.

Also periodically we skip on platforms and in the real world, outside the limits of the book.

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As a result, we get a really interesting mixture from the quest and platformer.

Albeit in a lot of words – only a replacement of the usual system of collecting and using objects.

The authors competently maintain the rhythm, alternating the action with the tests for reaction, sleight of hand or the mind.

The benefits of levels and difficult situations are many.

And not always the solution lies on the surface.

You will have to do a good job with your brain more than once or twice.


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And all this is cemented with an excellent story, drawn and voiced with its intrigue, executions, massacre of civilians and adults about the nature of power, non-resistance to evil by violence, and the fact that one can not trust anyone.

Here again, there is an unusual mix of cartoon disorder and black humor.

Naturalistic violence and liters of red blood on the pages.

In general, Haimrik is one of the most vivid indie releases of late.