Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077  is the name of everyone on hearing. But what a project is, is known to a few.

We’ll talk at once: it is unlikely that this material will open something new for fans who are closely watching all the news and rumors that pop up on the Web.

But for everyone else, this is an excellent opportunity to approximately assess the value of the game and understand what it is.

Everyone who has a tender love for good role-playing games, the phrase Cyberpunk 2077 should cause awe in somewhere around the chest.

Still, because the development of the project is engaged CD Projekt RED !

For some insignificant by the standards of the industry for eight years, these guys got out of lovers gamemaker  in the real masters of the genre.

Which now willy-nilly equals much more experienced and eminent offices.

If you follow the creative path of these Poles from the first to the third part of the Witcher.

You will see an unprecedented and incredible example of professional growth.

In a very short time the team has learned to make high-quality and detailed worlds.

To work out characters, create deep dramatic scenes and generally to burden the player with a sense of responsibility for their own actions.

In other words, the best school was passed – the path of own trial and error.

Qualification exam – Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – can be considered passed with distinction.

The current task facing CD Projekt RED , is incommensurably more difficult. “The Witcher ” was based on a holistic fantasy universe.

In the hands of the Poles there was already a ready world in all its subtleties and nuances, clearly prescribed characters and even story lines.

All they had to do was to transfer this case qualitatively to the video game format and, if necessary, process it with a file. Now everything is not so simple.

The base, however, is also available – it’s a desktop Cyberpunk 2023 , also with a ready universe and even a storyline, but incomparably more trivial.

The widespread abuse of implants, a strict social stratification.

Global corporations at the helm of politics and a fierce war with cyborgs, and that’s it.

However, the Cyberpunk 2077 will begin where the desktop events end.

And it ended with nothing less than a nuclear catastrophe and a weakening of the influence of corporations on the world situation.

From here you can make two pending conclusions.

First – we will have hard times. Anarchy, arbitrariness and the absence of centralized power will necessarily make this anti-utopia even more harsh and chaotic.

And the world we will dive into will be as bleak and cruel as possible.

The second conclusion is more interesting. This time CD Projekt RED received an absolute map-blash for the scope of creativity and fantasy. There will be practically no shy circumstances.

The game does not need to be driven into the strict framework of the reinforced concrete “canon”, as was the case with the ” Witcher “.

The studio with such a challenge will do it or not – the question is open. As you work with the previous franchise.

You can see how from the part to the part the approach of artisans becomes more and more creative.

Poles are certainly ready to write stories and come up with worlds from scratch, you will say.

And I willingly agree with this, while voicing an excuse for doubt.

In 2016 around the CD Projekt RED there was a rather loud scandal.

At the same time, it could well have gone unnoticed by those of you who do not follow the news of the industry on a regular basis.

The thing is this: in the studio , massive layoffs began .

Many fled: starting with ordinary hard workers and finishing with big bosses like leading producers and leading designers.

At the same time, a lot of negative feedback from CD Projekt employees on the glassdoor site popped up.

The complaints were mostly about the disgusting management of the company’s top echelon.

As well as the insane reworkings before the release of the third part of the Witcher.

Which as a result remained unpaid, and in general, a low level of wages, even by the standards of Poland.

Here you, by the way, have an occasion to think about the price at the present time for developing large and honest games without microtransactions and lootboxes.

CD Projekt RED tried to keep silent, but in the end, after all.

Gave a detailed comment that was reduced to the following: they say, yes, people leave.

But it’s normal, because we have a big company, and we have no problems with management.

Because we always know what we want and strive for it, well, everything is about this way.


The main key feature of Cyberpunk 2077 will be a story line with a number of primary, secondary and third-rate scenarios.

Speaking of the whole picture, we will see a story of the protagonist becoming.

From petty to a bold and determined hero, ready to resist a cruel and always unjust world.

In this case, the plot can be characterized by the term low-level.

I mean, it will not revolve around such wonderful and nowhere else unprecedented things as saving the city, the planet, or the whole universe.

Cyberpunk 2077 counts on local and small-town stories showing the life of a wide variety of people on the streets of Night City , the main site of the game.

This city is such a “capital of cyberpunk”, a real quintessence and the purest endurance of everything, which is what the genre usually likes.

In addition to it, we will also visit other places in the cyberpunk universe.

So it makes sense to pull up your knowledge about it, so it was more interesting to play.

As some read the book before playing the “Witcher”.

About the plot nothing more concrete to say it will not work.

But CDPR says that it is all based on non-linearity, branchedness.

Unexpected twists and, of course, on giving the player a moral choice.

About the gameplay you can say and even less. It is well known that considerable attention will be paid to the visual customization of the character, which will not become an end in itself, as it usually does, but will affect the relations with others, which, in the end, will affect the plot.

In general, will meet on clothes. This system of relations will work in conjunction with the personality of the protagonist.

The character is formed by itself – as a result of the moral choices you have made.

The consequences of which, by the way, you will see everywhere with your own eyes.

And this is not the whole intrigue!

The team promises that it will show a completely new dialogue system, which has no analogues in the industry.

It remains to be wondered what exactly it will be. All this sounds very Napoleonic, but the CD Projekt RED is set up this way.

Cyberpunk 2077 should be for it as a huge leap forward, like a few years ago became Witcher 3 – this is not what I’m talking about, but I’m practically quoting the studio itself.