The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

If you think about it, every “big» RPG currently have to be comfortable for those who have not played in the previous part – it is even more important than a large game map. In The Witcher 3 is considered: its history is friendly to newcomers.

Despite the apparent binding to the previous games (after all, this is the final of the trilogy), will get the pleasure of passing and the one who immediately started with “Wild Hunt”.

They will show you that here, these guys – great evil, the white-haired girl named Ciri need from this very evil to save, but with these ladies, you can probably be laid.

By and large, this knowledge to start would be enough, and then you can go into the details – fortunately, each character has a separate entry in the log, but as you progress through to meet multiple tasks in which Geralt aloud recalls about the most important events of his life .

There will also be an opportunity to “clarify” the major decisions of the previous parts – for this, do not worry.

Intro video games.

The game world is amazing. At least by how life here is dark and dirty even in all its forms (for some reason, is usually called “realism” – apparently, me with my optimism did not understand).

Geralt now and then meets liars, scoundrels, drunkards – in short, all black, from which, apparently, still stinks urine and other filth. Q

uite a few here and suffered from severe fate: a grieving mother whose children were taken to the front, separated couples, and sometimes just skeletons, whose sad story have to learn on yellowed diaries.

The atmosphere is certainly unique – a soul in the most “harmless” guy here will find more dark stories than the main villain of some Dragon Age: Inquisition.

And external “decoration” like cadaver pit and gallows-tree only reinforce the first impression from contact with “peaceful” population.

Even more amazed how easy it is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt manages without any pathos. Just think, for some there is a prediction of the destruction of the worlds.

Well, running around somewhere mysterious riders of the Wild Hunt, leaving behind only the horror and permafrost – the rest before that there is no case.

The world is caught up in the war, and mere mortals except that is put up and somehow live on.

Each has its own worries about the coming of the Hero no one prays, and all the bad weather, well, will be resolved by themselves, I guess. Even Geralt seems to truly believe that he was only trying to save Ciri, not decide the fate of the whole world. The paradox – such naivete of the protagonist in a truly adult game.

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Review of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.  Game Review - Image 4
When The Witcher 3 once again moved, developers, among other things, promised that spend the extra time to add Mission for the second character, Ciri. He kept his word – for a child of Elder Blood really give play, and quite often.

That’s just the realization of very very scanty: your task in any insert with Ciri limited to something in the spirit of “runs 10 meters” or “kill two enemies.”

Initially, its history, probably would show the roller-flashback, but someone had the sense to promise “playable mission.”

The result was something even more stupid than the QTE-boss battles in The Order 1886. A pity, because Ciri – the heroine interesting. I hope that will still be a spin-off.

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Yes, this may seem like a good hidden condition “complete various quests in the location to open a new”, which can be used to artificially stretch the passage of time.

But it is not so: while Geralt works “Witcher errand,” he learns a lot about the life of the country of settlement, which is under the protection of the ancient witches, met some of the old friends, and killing (or free, hehe) ancient evil.

Even the most seemingly superfluous, but mandatory quest can turn into something interesting, and the characters, even if they appear in just one scene, sink down into the soul.

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By the way, the main charm of “The Witcher 3”, in my opinion, is to blur the boundaries between good and evil (funny that the “Book” Geralt  says otherwise). Forget about wagering valiant hero – the world is too cruel and rotted to take someone else’s good.

I tried to teach a lesson gouging-alcoholic who in a drunken stupor set fire to the village smithy – overdone (he was hanged), did not take an advance from urban huckster – he set me up. Actions excessively good-natured Geralt even look ridiculous, so after a few minutes the body was miserable cheater I chipped in two (brutal finishing somehow diversified the familiar combat system), and views on many things – revised.

And not to spoil the life of everyone you meet you are not forced, but to think a head, before choosing a “good option” still stands.

Especially when it comes to politics – yes, Geralt again inadvertently interfere in the affairs of the powerful. Moreover, The Witcher 3 was the final chapter in the history (at least for Geralt), so believe me, the scale of the consequences of the writers did not have to be ashamed of.