Do not open that door

 Resident Evil 7 review


An essence that we have been able to know little by little in the following months, beginning to appreciate it and to let ourselves be more and more intrigued by it until the last meeting that took place before this review, dating back to about a month ago.


Marketing strategies aside, Resident Evil 7 biohazard would probably have talked about the same, given the situation in which one of the most representative series of the entire videogame world was exactly twenty years after its birth.


Leaving aside the disaster of the spin-off Umbrella Corps, the choice of abandoning zombies and other classic canons that in the fourth chapter had proved successful has ended up pushing Resident Evil to abandon his survival horror nature until the Resident Evil 6’s global film experience.


The latter has been rated between light and shadow by the critics, ending up being little appreciated by the players who thenclamored for a return to the atmosphere and the dimension of the first chapters, with which this saga built its fortunes. We anticipate that Resident Evil 7 biohazard does it and also good : we just have to see how.


Welcome to Baker’s home, where the horror is family and he enjoys playing with your wife!

 resident evil 7 gameplay


Forget Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Leon Kennedy and all the special agents known in the previous chapters, becauseresident evil 7 puts us in the shoes of Ethan Winters, a common man who for three years believes Mia, his wife, dead. 


We are a few years after the events told by Resident Evil 6, with whom, however, this new chapter has no connection: the story begins when Ethan receives a video in which Mia appears alive but in evident danger, to ask her husband to forgive your lies and stay away from her and everything else.

Do not open that door

Ignoring obviously the request, the protagonist launches in search of his wife, following the clues that lead him in the middle of the bayou, in Louisiana, at the home of the Baker family.


The happy gang has already been widely presented in the past, thanks to the famous dinner scene in which Ethan appears tied to a chair with a hand cut off and sewn, pecking a knife in the face of the head of the family Jack while his son Lucas pulls humans inviting him to eat them.


Adding further discomfort to a very reassuring situation is the old family, who does not say a word but simply appears from nowhere in the various places in the house.


Returning to dinner, the arrival of a sudden distraction leads the owners to distract themselves from their new guest, that can thus free itself to leave in search of Mia, discovering at the same time all the secrets hidden from the family.


Apart from some element on which we are silent so as not to ruin the surprise,the very first part of  resident evil 7 biohazard presents very few clues that can link it to the series to which it belongs, focusing much more on cinematographic atmospheres like that of the dinner just described, evidently inspired by that seen in Do not open that door.

Classic of horror genre dated 1974. A little at a time, therefore, we are allowed to discover that the Bakers are not just crazy killers, but actually have supernatural gifts that allow them to rely on a force outside the common, in addition to nice ability to regenerate their tissues, appearing for this reason immortal.

 Resident evil 7 release date

Part of the series

Resident Evil
Announcement date June 13, 2016
Release date The whole world January 24, 2017
Japan January 26, 2017
Genre Survival horror
ACB: R18+ — Restricted 18+
ESRB: M — Mature
OFLC (NZ): R18
PEGI: 18
RARS: 18+
USK: 18
Platform  resident evil 7 ps4
resident evil 7 vr
 resident evil 7 xbox
resident evil 7 pc
Game engine RE Engine
Game mode Single-user
Carrier Blu-ray Disc , Digital Distribution



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