Zoe’s End: review of the new paid DLC of Resident Evil 7


 End of Zoe Review

Attention: this article contains some references to the history of Resident Evil 7, including the final bars. 

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Although the release of Resident Evil 7 is now almost a year, the most recent chapter in the survival horror saga has preserved for this Christmas a couple of bad events that arrived a few days ago in the form of two new additional content, together to the Gold Edition which contains the original game plus all the published DLCs.


To accompany the old Confidential Films ( Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 ) we find now No Hero, a free chapter dedicated to Chris Redfield, and  end of zoe re7, a paid episode that focuses instead on the figure of Zoe Baker.For the moment we refer to our second thoughts on No Hero, focusing on today’s review of the adventure that is sold at end of zoe price of 14.99 euros.

Zoe's End: review of the new paid DLC of Resident Evil 7

 End of Zoe Walkthrough


The  end of zoe story picks up where we left the only “healthy” person of the Baker family, namely on that jetty where at the end of the main story Ethan Winters finds himself obliged to choose whether to save from the virus mutamicete his wife or the girl who helped him escape.


From here we learn that according to Capcom developers at the end the protagonist decides to assert the love for Mia, leaving then Zoe still prey of the mad horror of his family, but especially of revenge of Eveline.


The help given by Zoe to Ethan does not go unnoticed, and the living biological weapon decides to punish the girl leaving it half-calcified in the swamps of Louisiana.


Shortly thereafter, a couple of Umbrella agents rush to rescue her, but Joe Baker, the brother of the well-known Jack, breaks into the scene: believing men in uniform the cause of Zoe’s evil, Joe puts them both knockouts, and then interrogates one of them.


Having clarified the unfortunate misunderstanding, remains the infection transmitted in the body of Zoe, arrived at a stage for which it is necessary the use of a powerful antidote in possession of Umbrella. From that moment, Joe’s mission will be to recover the serum, thus saving the life of his nephew.


To do so, the protagonist of The End of Zoe will have to break through the old micomorphs, offering us a completely new perspective on how to deal with the beings that have terrorized us in Resident Evil 7.


As an expert hunter in the hostile environment of the bayou and former army member, Joe does not need firearms, but we’ll see him soon. Before doing so, let’s say that the overall duration of Zoe’s End is around two hours, with some elements of replayability: it starts from an additional level of difficulty, to get to unlock challenges and objects that can completely change a any second experience as Joe.

 re7 what happened to lucas& end of zoe ending


As a tough guy, Joe Baker tackles the enemy armed almost exclusively with his own fists, scoring the massive series of punches that are able to put even the most dangerous adversaries to the ground. An aspect that as we said makes us live the dynamics of Resident Evil 7 in a completely new way, even if the general scheme remains what we have known in the time of Ethan. From this point of view, we take care of it in exactly the same way as before, and it is possible to use elements found on the street to assemble healing flasks.


The use of the fists as a main weapon leaves rather strange in the initial phase of Zoe’s End, especially if you go to remember the effort done in the role of Ethan to keep the micomorphs at home Baker and in the surrounding area at bay.Zoe’s End still keeps this paradoxical situation in mind, and confronts her by highlighting the B-movie side of Resident Evil with wholly exaggerated exaggerations, among which we also find wrestling moves by Joe.