Resident Evil 7: our review of the free DLC Not a Hero


As well as Zoe’s End, No Hero begins after the events narrated in Resident Evil 7, recovering from the moment in which the protagonist Ethan Winters is rescued by a team of special forces led by Chris Redfield.


Over the months there has been much talk of the appearance of this character, partly because of his physical model completely revolutionized than the wiry one we were used to: for example, there were those who believed that Redfield was not Redfield but Hunk


An agent secret already seen in the series. Another point of discussion was offered by the appearance on the rescue helicopter of a modified Umbrella logo, in blue instead of red. Is it possible that Chris Redfield started working for the company he fought so long for?


Without revealing too much on the plot of this DLC, we can tell you that  not a hero re7 first confirms the identity of the character, just as Capcom had already done months ago, explaining his new relationship with Umbrella and the reason for that change of color. 


  • release date
    12 December 2017
  • Developer
  • Publisher
    Capcom Entertainment

These aspects are probably destined to lay the foundations for the future of the Resident Evil series, offering indications on the part from which we will find ourselves during what will be the next chapter.


For the rest, in this additional content the goal of Redfield is to find Lucas Baker, the only survivor of the family infected by Eveline. Beyond the exposure to the mutamicete he has some secret to hide, giving also in this case probable indications on what we will see in Resident Evil 8.


Lean days for trophy hunters: No hero adds only two new objectives to the basic game, one in silver and one in bronze. They can be obtained by completing the  not a hero dlc on easy or normal difficulty, then repeating the exercise with the level that is unlocked after completing the adventure for the first time.

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If you played Resident Evil 7 – and if you are reading we hope you did – you know Lucas Baker: the mad horror that has swept his family has turned him into a kind of Jigsaw, who loves to subject his victims to crazy games before torturing them. Nestled in the mine already seen in Resident Evil 7,


Lucas enjoys playing the game of cat and mouse with Chris Redfield, taking advantage of the capture of some of the company’s comrades just before. In running behind Lucas to end his escape and save his team,


Chris must contend with the inevitable micomorphs, present in large quantities in the mine even in a different form than those we were used to.


There are for example special creatures that can not be destroyed even with bullets, as able to regenerate their tissues: this forces Chris to adopt different tactics at least in the initial bars, before finding the right ammunition to give even these ugly what they deserve.


Unlike The End of Zoe, we can count on a good weaponry consisting of a gun, a rifle and some types of grenades, but especially on the special endowment of Chris and his team.


To access some areas, you must in fact retrieve the filter that allows the protagonist not to be contaminated by the infection, as well as the darker areas can be faced only by finding the device for night vision.


Although still more devoted to action than Resident Evil 7, in terms of atmosphere  not a hero game is closer to the latter than Zoe’s End, thus distorting what were expectations. The bully way in which Joe Baker takes the micomorphs to punch leaves room for some moments of tension in turning behind the dark corners of the mine, thanks to the claustrophobic environment of the latter.

 NOT A HERO walkthrough


The pace is still high, and the ammunition is sufficient (although not abundant) to ensure a level of action always high in the frenetic search for Lucas. Overall,  not a hero keeps busy for about two hours, answering the most relevant questions that had been suspended after completing Resident Evil 7.

A time that passes quickly enough thanks to the undoubted quality of this  not a hero ps4, from which we would have expected a little bit in more in terms of longevity:it is true that a caval donated does not look in the mouth, but in the end the regret is just not being able to spend a little more time together with Chris Redfield.