On the Humble Bundle, the distribution of the Headsnatchers computer game started, where it is necessary to flush the enemy into the toilet

In the internet service Humble bundlespecializing in selling digital copies of games for Windows, macOS and Linux, started the distribution of arcade games Headsnatchers. The key received during the promotion can then be activated in Steam.

Hold your head tight at Headsnatchers! Indeed, in this crazy game, designed for 4 players and supporting network and local modes, to win you need to deprive the goals of your rivals. And believe me, you will do anything to win.

To decapitate opponents, you need to throw the skulls of your comrades in a ring, like LeBron, toss your grandfather’s bowler hat through the portal to hell, like that guy from Doom, and pour your sister’s jug into the toilet, like the larva that was postponed five hours after eating a super-huge pizza .

The rules in this matter are not needed, because no one really loves the rules!

Headsnatchers must be picked up before January 13th, then the action of unprecedented generosity will end. In addition, the distribution of Sundered metro diving started in the Epic Games Store.

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