Who else do the classic quest is not the author of Myst and Riven from the studio Cyan ? This is the brothers Robyn and Rand Millers (Robyn Miller, Rand Miller) in 1993, was demolished gamers roof fully three-dimensional game with a first-person, the FMV with live actors and tasks for very attentive. In this sense to fund through the “Kickstarter»

Obduction holds the origins of the genre right up to the buttons, levers, combination locks and even the regime of movement of points – the developers have traditionally know a lot about perversion. It looks great, but the question is: who needs it today?

Kidnapped three of the world are waiting for

Like other works by Cyan , it is from the start twisting mystery to maximum and rips off the bat. Aliens kidnapped nameless hero, but it is not plagued by the anal probe, and puzzles that you will agree, much more humane.

He (or she – despite what shade to choose in the preferences) locked in several worlds, which restricted the movement of energy domes, and get from one planet to another, except that you can use the teleporter.

But first it is necessary to cut through the wood puzzles, so the return of the hero home delayed for many hours. You spend them with pleasure or disappointment – it depends more on temperament.

The very first world Hunrat, similar to the US colonial south with a touch of “Star Trek,” teaches a lesson from the textbook “old school”.

Straight path somewhere or not. In order to move at least in the paragraph script or penetrate beyond the locked door, it is necessary to isolate the meaning of the decorations, notes and conversations. And along the way to move everything that moves, include everything that is included, and be observant – without it there in any way.

After the interaction with the external environment runs a non-obvious way: Connect the cable and turned the lever, pushed the button – something happened, but what?

The device of some tasks and mechanisms of the universe Obduction know only when the puzzle solved, and the way is open. On the other hand, there are few extra items: if something seems useless, it is only the beginning.

The emphasis on intuition and memory does not change wit – who imagined sports walking among the beauties in the spirit of Dear Esther , he is mistaken. Several moments quest lucky enough to become attached to them a soul – for example, the connection of the elevator at City Hall with the license plate at the pump. Or transport trolley with a blue laser planet Kaptar where caves grind giant gear.

Situationally useful even notebook with a pen to write down the codes for the locks. In this case, do not expect any action, nor any danger, nor even the inventory – it’s distilled classic is like listen All That She Wants Ace Of Base group on the tape.

There is nothing to be surprised: the developers pre-warned us of a mixture of the old regime gameplay with modern graphics on Unreal Engine 4.

Looks Obduction really great, and the music sometimes causes to think about eternity. The problem of the game is different: the authors narcissistically in love with the past achievements Cyan and, as a result, hit in samopovtor. Adventure no surprises from the story smells moldy, but the closer to the climax, he enters into a routine trance.

Apotheosis of despondency sets in the world of the jungle, where you need to set up a maze, ball jumping between planets, and at the same time get rid of the obsessive question: where are all the same gone 1,321,306 dollars, collected fans studio?

Had to drawing decorations and writing music? Complex animation here, artificial intelligence – the more, the location, despite the delicious little things, are compact, and the role of a single character, talking with the hero, took the Robin Miller .

“Changes require our hearts,”

The answer is simple: Cyan disingenuous, equating the time spent in the game, and received from her pleasure.

Because the first rule of bad quest – to rob you of precious hours and minutes wasted. No short cut from one edge to another location, but all the problems are already solved?

See the first rule. It should be run three times by sandwiched between the portals of the bridge on which even ball Roll? See the first rule. The script requires a number of times to use the same teleport? Well, you know what to do …

Throw carelessly optimization with loads under which life runs in front of the eyes – and see why small step one person Obduction It requires almost as much patience as there are a large leap for mankind.