None of the critics gave the PC version of Hellpoint more than 70 points – Igromania

I may be unfair to Hellpoint; maybe I’m just tired of the genre. But this year I was amazed Nioh 2and I’m still impressed by the beta Mortal Shelland in this comparison Hellpoint looks too familiar and safe.

It’s a well-crafted adventure with lots of exploration and discovery, decent combat, a great setting, and tons of bosses to put you to the test. The problem is that the game doesn’t do anything that looks new or bold, and it completely forgets to add any meaning and weight to its apocalyptic posturing.

As with Immortal: Unchained and Lords of the FallenHellpoint feels like a game living in the shadow of its genre rather than blossoming in its shine, it doesn’t venture into any truly new territory. But although after passing it will probably quickly fade from memory, for a game on a small budget this is quite a serious achievement, and for a while fans of the genre will have something to do.