Complaints about Apple AirPods Max headphones began to appear on the Web – they literally get wet from prolonged use

Headphones Apple AirPods Max cause some users to complain about water droplets forming in the ear pads after prolonged use. Condensation is not uncommon with over-ear headphones, although metal ear cushions and a snug fit can increase the amount.

One user wrote in Twitter:

“So, uh … my AirPods Max are condensing after extended use. They have never been used in humid environments. Water gets inside the drivers and causes ear detection problems. I mostly wear them sitting at the table, nothing crazy. “

He also expressed on Reddit that water gets inside the drivers and causes headphone problems. According to him, he noticed that device detection was not functioning properly. Everything returns to normal when the headphones dry out.

Not all Apple AirPods Max owners complain about the same problem. It looks like it is not very widespread or depends on the physiological characteristics of the user.

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