NieR: Automata

World NIER: Automata  – this is not a post-apocalypse. Ever since mankind has hidden on the Moon by the war with the aliens, have been hundreds, if not thousands of years. And all this time the androids, which built the people, fought on Earth with alien machines. They already own the Earth.

Presentation of his appointment on both sides turned to cargo cults, they layered other cargo cults, and the third, and after the crisis came to life.

When you start playing for android 2B, it, this crisis has not touched – as well as its satellite 9S. They quietly break those machines, which indicates headquarters until notice that something in the order wrong.

And somewhere in there action by Platinum stops pretending that it came up with anyone, but it is not an alcoholic existential Taro Yoko.

Platinum did not make Automata of pure action, as it is able. Different combinations of weapons open different movements: six-foot two-handed sword, combined with giving one set of attacks, together with the knuckle – quite different.

But memorizing combo chains on there, which is fine specificity too. Often choose the parameters or in appearance, than a set of movements.

JRPG Automata in more than a slasher. And if you really do not know how to play action games, there is an ultra-light mode in which the game itself for you and dodges and shoots, and hits. It remains only to run up close.

RPG elements are more resolve. Weapons of drakengardovskoy old traditions can be improved in the oversight of the copter 2B – put the new guns.

Setting itself 2B arranged through her memory: Download one of the program – to do more damage with the other – was the best to dodge, parry in the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance , and so on. Moreover, the interface also takes place in memory, and even the scale of health can be sacrificed for the sake of fighting skills.

Review of NieR: Automata.  Game Review - Image 3
Review of NieR: Automata.  Game Review - Image 4

Specifically to spend time leveling is no need. The level of enemies is growing gradually, and even ignoring the side quests are not as difficult to win on their own skills.

Timings generous invulnerability of evasion comes to use almost continuously – the main thing to look around.

In combat, positioning and mobility more important than freymdata and combos. Enemies often at least a dozen, many desperately spam ranged attacks.

You laviruesh in the tiny spaces between the bullets, waves, rays, constantly shoot back – and catch the moment when you can answer a series of punches.

All this is very reminiscent of the first Nier. Only Automata did not Cavia, and at least a Platinum, and because this time boevka felt faster, more agile, more clearly. Not once in the entire game I did not have the time, when 2B done something, which I did not ask her. None attack will not hurt me when I did not expect. Each stroke felt heels, every evasion – if held for a half-step from death.

And by itself, this mechanic is flexible enough to Automata can be changed on the fly genre depending on the context.

The rules are the same, push the same buttons, but new conditions pleasantly shaken brain. He went into a long, narrow corridor –

Cuts one dimension, and the game is perceived as a high-speed run’n’gun in the spirit of Metal Slug. When enemies come to an end, with minutes to play in the two-dimensional platformer with jumping over the precipice. Next – a room: the camera takes off and begins twin stick shooter with a top.

Review of NieR: Automata.  Game Review - Image 5

Despite the Platinum part, this is still a game Taro Yoko from beginning to end. Changing perspective, it plays with perception. Normal factory of concrete and steel felt something huge when you cease to understand how and where did you get here after a series of two-dimensional segments.

The peaceful village of two-dimensional robot on the tree seems to be a toy – though I came here on their feet, the relationship with the world instantly lost. And it’s great reinforced the idea that these robots are not of this world.

There are many little things. Automata mixes that sees the player, so that he sees the heroine. Setting the brightness issue for calibration of sensors 2B in a separate stage.

Her own words, you can complain to the mechanic that the game swayed, and the interlocutor prompts to set the camera in a special mode.