Who lives at the bottom of the ocean?

The girl, the true nature of which we disclose halfway to the junction, explores the ocean, occasionally jumping on the dolphin on its surface. Although the heroine submits ultrasonic signals in the manner of locations beluga whales, interaction with the world is minimal – just like in Journey , the previous project Nawa .

On the other hand, when the short signal changes the behavior of the jamb of a few hundred fish, you unintentionally stops the heart. Because aquatic life simulation performed in Abzu to glory: plastic fish taken from nature, predators prey, flocks of pigeons scurrying surgeons around the corals, seaweed swaying in the rhythm of the waves.

And this picture is not falling apart into fragments, at any time it is an integral and self-sufficient – here is another argument in favor of the games as an art form. A visual ecstasy great symphony reinforce Austin Wintory (Austin Wintory) – composer Journey , of The Banner Saga and of Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate .

Abzu not give character to die and poses gamer challenges: instead of checking the reflexes in her meditation, instead of the level design – beauty, instead of “bosses” – the inhabitants of the depths like turtles, dolphins, manatees and whales, for which you can cling as for towing .

Tired to move flippers? Sit on the obelisk for meditation: you will sail for others – for example, wrasses fathead. And yet it’s easier to see missed secrets. Except for the sprints in water vortices, the rhythm of the game is the way you are doing it.

But complexities – whale naplakal. Puzzle reduced to the gate opening, interaction with drones helpers or search for shells, and that no one got lost, the ocean is divided into locations. To complete the next stage of the journey is enough to swim through the ruins left behind by an ancient civilization at the bottom (only lazy people do not see a hint of Atlantis).

It adds mystery and what remains of the manner of communicating vessels associated with the world of spirits, mushrooming forms of life from contact with the heroine.

At first traces of culture – a rarity, but as we move to her one known objective girl falls into the underwater city with halls, galleries and decorated in imitation of the Ishtar Gate walls. Here, the icing on the masonry tells the story of a certain race and its relationship with the world of the game.

But the painting – is not the only reference to the Mesopotamian mythology. The ancient Sumerians believed that under the ground is the ocean that feeds all the ponds on the surface. They called it the Apsu – just the way the game is titled. As Matt Nava not only the developer but also an avid diver, he seeks to show the ocean as an image rather than a specific place.

Universe Abzu seemed timeless and biological conventions. We are among the “Finding Nemo” cartoon characters, then we get to the Cretaceous period, which klatsat jaws dunkleosteus, tentacled ammonites stir and slowly move their multi-ton carcasses elasmosaurine.

For Nava ocean is not just a place on a map or in history, and this experience he shares with us successfully.

Life starts and wins

Another aspect of the philosophy of Giant the Squid – the conflict of nature and technology, whether they are at least a hundred times helpful and fantastic. In the universe of Abzu coexist two principles: the perfect associated with flora and fauna, and the ugly – in the depths of abandoned machinery. Even the most terrible shark still magnificent cars, beating current predator.

That is why the story of the great white shark deliberately made a touching, what happen unless cartoons Hayao Miyazaki (Hayao Miyazaki). At some point, you realize that if you are not busy saving this life, then at least its support. And it is perhaps only the essence of what is happening.

Abzu game review

Do not try at home.



Abzu reveal itself without a clear text and the story, but with the help of color, movement, sound. It’s more work of art than the actual game. After all, there is not a battle, no challenges or even threats – only the depth of tranquility on a motley palette.

It is good that in the industry, most are betting on competition, action and aggression, there was a place for such a beautiful wonders where to call a storm of emotions enough to drift. But if you are looking for not only aesthetic, but also the gameplay – sailing past.