New Superman responded unhappy

Actor Michael B. Jordan, who, according to some sources, could become the new Superman after Henry Cavill in superhero projects DC Comics, answered all the discontented, who in absentia condemned the choice of Jordan for this role.

According to, earlier on the network there was information that the star of the films “Black Panther”, “Creed: The Rocky Legacy” and “451 degrees Fahrenheit” Michael B. Jordan entered into negotiations with Warner Bros. about writing a script and playing the new Superman in a superhero project. Then many fans were disappointed with a potential project involving Michael B. Jordan instead of Henry Cavill. Finally, the actor himself decided to comment on this information, and gave his answer to those unhappy about the radical changes in the image of the cult character.

Actor Michael B. Jordan said that his name often appears in all kinds of rumors about a variety of projects, including Superman and Matrix 4. At the same time, the actor noted that all projects in which he takes part should be done in the right way and be full of authenticity. According to Jordan, he is an ardent admirer of comics and superheroes, and therefore he understands the excitement and frustration of fans about how familiar images undergo major changes. The actor admitted that he himself would be upset because of many changes in the image of cult heroes, and therefore promised that if he finds himself involved in a new Superman or other superhero project, he will approach his creation with all seriousness to explain all the changes , and make the characters understandable and close to the audience.

It is worth noting that Michael B. Jordan himself did not begin to refute or confirm that he would really play Superman in the future with his answer. However, according to available data, in the near future Michael B. Jordan will not be involved in the project due to his busy work schedule and participation in many projects. At the same time, actor Henry Cavill, who played Superman in several projects DC Comics, previously repeatedly stated that he had not finished with this role, and was ready to return to this character. However, officially no new projects with the participation of Cavill in the role of Superman have yet been announced.

This year, for the DC Comics, the movie “Joker” became a big triumph, which not only received high marks, but also raised more than $ 1 billion at the world box office with a very modest budget. According to, Warner Bros. still redefines its attitude to the superhero film universe, and has already refused to follow the path of a single universe Marvel, which was previously oriented. Two projects will be released from DC Comics in 2023: Bird of Prey with Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman: 1984 with Diana Prince.