Need for Speed:Payback

The House always wins

Need For Speed: Payback plunges us into a story of thieves and betrayals with the automotive world as a backdrop . On this occasion, a trio of protagonists will be responsible for advancing the plot development. In the first place is Tyler ‘Ty’


, who carries the greatest narrative load of the three. Expert of the steering wheel, the North American is considered one of the best pilots of the city, raised from small next to the street gangs that used their fireballs like unique and main pastime. Soon after the came


ra will focus on Jessica, ‘Jess’ for friends.Vocation police, when he turned nineteen he could not think of anything else to borrow a patrol car to give free rein to the pleasure of driving. His temerities ended with a promising trajectory, although he conf

Need For Speed:PayBack


esses that since he knows the other side of the law he does not miss his old responsibility. Today he earns his living transporting high-level thieves after striking.

Finally we have the fork expert: Sean ‘Mac’ . His father gave him the passion for four wheels since he was a tadpole. Since then, his life


has revolved around the search to find the right place to enhance all his skills at the wheel, so he goes to Fortune Valley to be the master of skidding and cross-country routes. The union of the trident is so strong that th


ey decide to form their own band with the objective of robbing the powerful of their most precious vehicles.It is in one of the most d


angerous blows when his contact, Lina Navarro, betrays them, exposing them to the police just where the exchange takes place. This generates a series of events that will take us six months later, with the three protagonists scattered throughout the valley and taking the band as dissolved.

Need for Speed ​​Payback (PS4) screenshot

Under this pretext the journey of revenge of the trio begins. Lina turned out to be the leader of the most influential band in Fortune Valley, called La Casa . They have in their possession the largest network of extortions of the place, and power in practically all the estates of the city. The police , of course, are also on your side, as well as casinos, banks and illegal r

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acing competitions. It is in the latter where newcomers are still considered. Your road map goes through the fixation of all the tournaments held, thus affecting the betting business. What better than knowing the winning horse before the first corner? It is a successful business that should not be missed.

To achieve such a large company, force the corridor bands that populate the valleys of the valley to enter their circle of confidence. Those who resist end up paying a high price; the rest simply lets himself be dazzled by the wallet. Starting from scratch and progr


essively climbing in this world is intended to achieve the career of the outlaws , an event of utmost importance to the followers of this world, which brings together the best pilots in the best vehicles on the planet. The amount of dollars that moves such a route is unparalleled in Fortune Valley, and La Casa wants to introduce its claws to be victorious no matter what.

Need for Speed ​​Payback (PS4) screenshot

That’s where our master plan comes in, which happens to have a seat in that race. If we ruin the size, the amount of losses will be such that the image of Lina and its entire structure will be stained forever. For this, we must


demonstrate our good work to the other nine rival bands. Defeating their bosses will draw the attention of the organizers. The plotline of Nee


d For Speed: Payback is simple, an excuse taken a little beyond what we are used to in the saga. The truth is that the adventure is entertaining , direct and within correct standards. It is appreciated how enjoyable it is in some sections.

The throne of the neighborhood

The development of the game is divided into plot missions and confrontation against rival gangs. The first will have the greatest narrative load, being the final touch of the chapter. Most of the time we will be submerged in demonstrating our worth with


the rest of the automobile tribes. Each one is characterized by the driving field that dominates. That is, some will be specialized in the art of skidding, while others will only be interested in sprints in a straight line to achieve the highest top speed. Depending on who we face, we will have to choose a type of vehicle or another designed for that style.

Need for Speed ​​Payback (PS4) screenshot

The main missions are the best we have found in the title. In them we will be involved in situations of the most varied; most types of tests are mixed, even jumping between pilots as the action demands. Because, yes, as we have been saying before, the band


members of Ty dominate certain types of events. Tyler is the most versatile driver and will be in charge of asphalt and acceleration events. Mac ,


on the other hand, will be responsible for the routes through the field on the back of his SUV and all those that are focused on the skids . Finally, Jessica is the leader in logistics, besides being the one chosen to drive when you have to deal with the forces of law .

Defeating a band will consist of between four and five events. We will have to measure ourselves against the henchmen of the boss until the las


t of the chain, where we will fight face to face in a more difficult route than normal. The only exception is found in the escape missions, starring Jess. Most try to fight against the clock inside the city, arriving at different points


of delivery of merchandise or simply dealing with the security forces until reaching the safe point. The persecutions in this way will take us to experience the game in a completely different way than we will be used to. The yoke of the patro


l boats will suffocate us at each curve, and although artificial intelligence is still not the great thing, at times they will put us in more than one predicament.