Super Lucky’s Tale

When a video game appeals to sympathy or to pay tribute in some way to titles of the past, the worrying machinery of nostalgia is always set in motion. It is often easy to forget their shortcomings and see only their virtues, and that is to remind us of our past is a tool of special revenue with the most veterans.

Super Lucky’s Tale claims its ration of all this with a spirit that has no problem in worshiping the classics of the platforms of Nintendo 64, and that is consolidated as the great exclusive bet of Microsoft for the premiere catalog of Xbox One X .


It should be remembered that it is not a start of a new IP, but the recovery of a brand that began its journey in the form of a videogame for virtual reality. A title for Oculus Rift that saw the light in 2016 with not too much success, and that dresses here with the same suit of platforms but eliminates the VR component and that counts, in this occasion, with a more careful artistic design and a much more more charming for its protagonist.


Is all this enough to be successfully part of the catalog of output of the game console? Of course, it does not work as a method to show hardware as powerful as yours, nor does it seem like a launch especially aimed at a hardcore audience like the one that will be made with the machine; but it can bring some other joy to the most fond of the nice and kind adventures of another time. It will not be the game of the year, but neither is it a proposal that should be disdained entirely … Staying in a warm no man’s land that ends up being his greatest enemy.

That Old Tale …

The premise of Super Lucky’s Tale is simple as it usually happens in these cases of products designed for the whole family. The hero protagonist is a nice creature, specifically a fox , who is involved in a new adventure through his sister. She tells him that the evil Jinx has been made with the powerful book The Tome of the Eras, something that would allow him to do

minate the beautiful and colorful world of his charming heroes. In fact, everything is so nice and careful that it is easy to immerse yourself in your universe. You may have already deduced from that brief description of the script that you will not find great surprises, however the video game makes an interesting effort to not lose a bit of charm in the nearly 8 hours that will take us to overcome their individual campaign.


Super Lucky's Tale analysis

Although it is not the most impressive game on the market, Super Lucky’s Tale has a generous visual personality.

From there the thing begins to show chiaroscuro. On the one hand, the levelsare excessively monotonous, and the title is divided into four worlds that are terribly generic. What do you expect to find in a platform game? Mainly what you are going to see here, an


d only the desert zone allows some other joy thanks to some imaginative decision. The biggest problem is that, although they change their appearance, they are similar in their design, which causes a certain amount of short-term fatigue. There is nothing to


o different when we take an hour, five or eight of departure, and only help slightly to break with those certain similarities liberties that the title is taken from time to time at the time of introducing the odd section in 2D, and the interesting “playable signing” that is the factor that the protagonist can dig to overcome certain obstacles. After that impact? Little to note.


Super Lucky's Tale PC

The game is very colorful and has a strong artistic direction

I also value in a relatively positive way the fact that the study has sprinkled up the scenarios of elements to collect, although it is a tricky decision.

Often filling the maps of things can cause a certain saturation effect that does not always help the playable formulas, however it works here. There are different types and, if for example the letters that have to be found have seemed to me quite ingenious in their dis
position and in their demand when it comes to taking them, there are other unlockables that demand too much time. I do not usually have problems with video games that fill up collectibles their experiences as long as these are optional, but the final objective of the campaign demands a number of them so ridiculously high that it seems a clumsy and artificial way to extend the duration of the game.


The best and most curious, however, are those little activities that we find exploring the worlds. Collect the companions of a certain character to activate a golem, collect the hens lost from another … They are distractions of simple approach but sometimes have interesting ideas behind them, that break something with the most discreet approach of the rest of the adventure and that end up being the only sections in which we can talk about a certain feeling of accomplishment on our part when we fulfill them … however simple they may remain.


Super Lucky's Tale