Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 2.5 Remix

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix
I think that the head of the series is one of the most engaging games ever, simple but evocative, often mysterious, so much so that more talk about it is easier to find guys who in one way or another have been enchanted by the universe of Sora, Pippo an
d Donald, despite the complications noted in following the series over the years.
A universe that in 2013, with the exception of the enormous nostalgia effect, with the release of the HD 1.5 Remix collection brought to light a fighting system typical of the best years of PS2, but the hand had the big problem of not being particularly aged . This i
s what I tell you by experience, because the enthusiasm that I found in retracing the events of the three was certainly not the same as I saw in the smallest of the family, fascinated by Donald and Pippo, but restrained by the legacy of the game. Not to mention the graphic aspect that, yes, had made a big leap towards the digital era, but had forgotten to evolve some important elements like the 2D mouth sprite of some characters on which it was difficult to overtake.
Now we’ve gone to the next generation, and since the qualitative increase in resolution and texture could no longer make this app again appealing, considering the simple transition to 1080p on PS4 and 4K on Pro, framerate has come to our aid. As soon as it was taken, t
he game had another flavor, the fluidity of our movements and comrades, although in some cases it has exposed some problems with certain animations especially of the bosses, for the rest it has loosened our perception of the gameplay, which now emulates, though with the powers of a 2002 title, the royalties required by a 2017 action class. The early stages, where the Sora combo was basically made up of three shots, become lighter, so all stages of comba
t . Obviously the game is the same as ever, so the whole gaming structure is reminiscent of typical models of the PS2 era, maps divided into small areas, hidden loads or less passing between them, few but good onscreen enemies. The same applies to the graphic aspect where the movie
s still run at 30fps and taken over from previous work, the textures sometimes have a very short detail, especially the larger ones, and some characters are age-old, especially the secondary ones many details still made in 2D.
Drawing on the line of speech, despite all the defects it continues to carry, the gameplay revamped in form though not in the content made Kingdom Hearts Final Mix the irrepressible entry-point of the saga.
Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 2.5 Remix
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories
We are following the true follow-up of Kingdom Hearts , not what Nomura has given us as such, released a few years later on PS2. We are talking of course of Chain of Memories , a title that should be played to understand more or less everything in the Sora post-closure story of the Kingdom Hearts, which I will always carry our video.
Originally, the title appeared on the shelves as a game for Gameboy, its rebuild on PS3 had anticipated the move to the first game engine, which we also find in this collection along with the above-mentioned benefits.
 The most rational gameplay, based on cards and rooms, did not need a gaming frequency increase, and the 60FPS did not change the overall experience. In this case, it was the first generational passage and remaking completely in HD to change the cards on the table and make a title that had not had the user pool that it would deserve.