Monster Hunter Generations

getting rid of the expensive version of Monster Hunter for the home consoles, the developers at Capcomcan go to the “model Ubisoft has ».

In terms of produce each year a new part of the franchise without major changes. That’s what Generations , which hit the West after only sixteen months after the fourth series of adventure game. In the case of, for example, with Assassin’s Creed fans were initially very pleased. Is there a cause for joy among fans of giant lizards cut into slices?

Monster Hunter Generations game review

A pair of clawed assistants can take with you even in the cat’s appearance.

Goes hunting for cats, goes hunting

Those who liked cats assistants from the previous series, there really is such. Because now you can not just choose a couple of meows assistants in the battle – every quest can now be performed in the skin of furry animal. Moreover, some jobs are created specially for baleen.

Feeling – akin to GTA on the dog’s face: the distances seem more dangerous than the huge monsters, but runs as fast as a man, and not beating much worse in fact your Palico (so is called a local cat race).

Yes, the essence of Monster Hunter is very accurately described in the title – and it has not changed. Here you need to hunt. More often – on powerful, husky, nimble, fast and intelligent creatures, created by the Japanese visionary.Generations in this sense should be the classic formula, from which retreated slightly in the past, the fourth part – just get a job and move out to battle.

No plot bravado – all four of the village opened almost immediately. Each of them has terrorized its own special evil monster, and it will have to kill. Settlements, except for the start, will be familiar to veterans, as well as many of the characters appearing in them.

In addition to the human and feline appearance of avatars, the player – is the first time for the Monster Hunter– selects more and fighting style. There are four options: a versatile, aimed at attacking style of attack, air (for those who like to ride the Monster) and challenging to master counter-attacking technique Adept. The first two – the classics, the other two are completely changing the approach to fight even with familiar weapons.

From the hunter-style independent of its Hunter Arts – receptions, hoarding during the battle, as well as their quantity in the arsenal. In one case, will have three attacks, and using the other, you’ll have to settle for one. Here you can choose as a particularly powerful attack, and the gain associated with the stamina to run for longer and lose less energy from enemy attacks. All methods in the area of fifty. In Palika system is very similar – the difference being that the special methods replace the items for them, but because they do not have to “recharge.”

Monster Hunter Generations game review

Location of panels on the touch screen is configured to your liking.

Between the past and the future of

all these innovations are designed to diversify the main mode – network. Players prefer to act in different ways, and their freedom of action must be expanded not only at the expense of options of weapons and equipment. The new class of cat and does can be considered as a step towards the creation of a large grid of roles based not only on what the characters are fighting. Or generally to the conversion of the primary threads Monster Hunter from the product locally predefined tasks in MMO.

Single mode at the same time pulls back somewhere to the side – jobs look into it just before training joint campaign. Someone may say that it was so long ago, but here the difference is very noticeable, even on the number of offered quests. For example, in single-player mode after the passage of missions on the complexity of the “one star” to open two zones for “pharming”, and in the network area, you will be able to start collecting on any of the six cards at once.