Cheaters will not work – Warface developers talked about the fight against unscrupulous players

According to the annual report of the developers Warface about the fight against cheaters, near 200 thousand game accounts were blocked in 2019 for using third-party software. This indicator is more than 40% below numbers 2018 (340 thousand accounts) At the same time, the number of calls to the support service directly correlates with these figures – 4.7 million reports in 2018 against 3.6 million in 2019.

“In 2019, we again note a steady decrease in both the number of bans for using cheats and the number of hits on this subject. A positive correlation of these two indicators suggests a general decrease in the number of cheaters in the game. These results are the result of a structural approach to the fight against cheats. It includes constant work on our own anti-cheat MRAC, search and elimination of vulnerabilities in the game, market research and work on new solutions, ”said Victor Punegov, head of the defense department of the Game direction Mail.Ru.

In 2019, the technical specialists of the My.Games defense department made several major changes in the protection of the game and related systems. Among these changes:

  • about fifty MRAC updates;
  • compensation was introduced in rating matches for a meeting with the violator;
  • matchmaking of rating matches fixed;
  • fines for joint special operations with the violator were introduced;
  • a system has been developed to automatically identify players who use the services of violators;
  • introduced a number of improvements to the mat filter.

Mail.Ru Anticheat (abbreviated as MRAC) is a specialized anti-cheat software developed by Mail.Ru Group. Currently, MRAC works with 8 different games.

Today, Warface has over 80 million registered users worldwide. The online shooter regularly hosts e-sports competitions with a cash prize pool. In 2016 and 2017 alone, more than 50 official tournaments were held, in which more than 70 thousand e-sportsmen took part.

You can learn more about Warface’s efforts against cheaters. on a special page.

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