Masters of Anima Review


The fairy-tale world of Spark is entirely based on the magical energy of the anima, so people who know how to use it for good, are greatly appreciated.

They are called shapers (Shapers) – for being able to create magic guards with the help of anime – servants, who help to protect the world from evil.


The protagonist, Otto, is just learning this skill, but the first serious test turned out to be a disaster for him.

The mysterious villain Zar kidnapped the bride of Otto, before separating her mind and heart from the body – so that each of the three elements in different parts of Spark at the behest of Zara helped him create devastating golems.

For the sake of salvation, the beloved hero and went on a trip to a distant mountain, in the center of which is the main source of anime.



Yes, the story Masters of Anima – a collection of the most simple fantasy stories. Do not doubt – everything will end well: Otto first finds the heart of the bride, then – her mind and body, then he will get to the mountain, save Ana and the whole world with her.

The spoiler can only be called by those who have not read a single tale and “The Lord of the Rings” did not hold in his hands.

In such stories, what is important is not what the characters will do in the finals, but how they will get to it. In short, the most important thing is the adventure itself.

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True, and the adventure of the Masters of Anima turned out this: in this game there are too few events and characters, and even less in her meaningful dialogues.

Despite the fact that Otto travels around Spark and visits unrelated places – from dense forests and snow-covered mountain peaks to a hot desert and a dark cave with a lava lake – the story still remains chambered to the limit.

To play to the end nevertheless it would be desirable – thanks to incredibly steep gameplay.

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First release date
April 10, 2018
Xbox One
PlayStation 4
Nintendo Switch
Passtech Games
Focus Home Interactive

Somewhere in an hour after the entry, when you win in several familiarization battles.

The Masters of Anima will finally open, and the fun will begin.

It turns out that giants sometimes carry out special attacks – for example.

They shoot a crushing energy ray, deadly even for your shooters sitting in cover.

When the animation ends, you need to call the magicians

They will help accumulate energy to replace the destroyed guards with new ones.

Only to leave the mages unattended does not follow.

Golems like to attack them from a distance exactly when you least expect it.

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Almost every boss has a level at which to escape from some element – lightning, earthquakes and something like that.

Masters of Anima is a real hell for those who can not microcontroll.

Literally every moment of the battle it is necessary to simultaneously monitor a lot of factors

The number of guards, the scale of the anime, the attacks of golems and Otto’s health.

Add to this the fact that sometimes, often in battles with bosses.

Villainous rage hits only the main character – and at this point you should do everything.

To not be next to the guards, which may hurt another deadly ray.

Plus, the unique ability of the protagonist, giving buffs to guards – its activation also requires anime. And the commanders, those strong guards, possess the same skill and activate it automatically, together with Otto.


The game is not all consists of battles – somewhere around half of his journey.

Otto with the guards will solve puzzles, tied to the abilities of the minions.

Infantrymen, for example, are able to move heavy objects, and magicians create a dome.

Inside of which dark magic does not work.

The commanders are raising shelters blocking the way for the powerful airflow.

Otto is blowing along with his army, and the good golems created by the builders are destroying the stone barriers.

Archers also come in handy – only they reach up to crystals hanging in the air, poisoning the earth.

It turns out that Masters of Anima – no adventure. This is a fabulous arena for those who decided to test their skills in microcontrolling.

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And in case of victory, the screen explodes with colorful statistics with a final rating. I was able to beat C on average, but A with a plus is already the top of the skill.

And if you consider that the Masters of Anima is a kind of testing ground.

Еhen it was probably the best solution of the developers to release the game on the Switch.

Turn on, pass a couple of battles in portable mode and turn off – paradise.

Not every studio succeeds in adapting strategies on consoles. So successful that thanks to the comfortable and deep gameplay you quickly forget about the extremely uninventive plot.