After “Avengers Finale” in the new film, Keanu Reeves was replaced by Harry Potter

The main role in the next blockbuster Marvel after Avengers: Final, unexpectedly for the fans, they decided not to give Keanu Reeves, but to Daniel Radcliffe, whom many viewers know about the role of Harry Potter.

CNBC journalist Daniel Richtman shared with subscribers on Patreon’s paid service the upcoming Moon Knight series from Disney +, which will be part of the Marvel movie and Avengers Finale. According to, become the new superhero Daniel Radcliffe. Despite many roles in a wide variety of films, the audience knows him as Harry Potter. Earlier on the network, rumors repeatedly appeared that the Moon Knight would be played by Keanu Reeves, known for the John Wick franchise.

The directors of the action movie Avengers: Final, the Russo brothers, were the first to speak about the participation of Keanu Reeves in the filming of the series “Moon Knight,” the Russo brothers, reports. In their opinion, the actor would fit perfectly into the new image. After that, fans found more and more hints of it, and also painted art with Reeves in the guise of this character. Officially, negotiations with the actor about this role have never been announced. A new rumor is already turning Daniel Radcliffe into the Moon Knight. However, Richtman said only about discussing this role. Apparently, there is no final agreement at Disney on this topic yet.

In the series “Moon Knight” from Disney + should introduce a new superhero, which subsequently may appear in feature films. It is still unknown, the events of the show will unfold before or after Avengers: Final. The main character will be CIA agent Mark Spector. In the comics, he was one of the best, but he was defeated in the battle with the terrorist Bushman. The enemy left his battered man to die in the desert, but the ancient Egyptian god Khonsu gave him a second life and superpowers in exchange for a promise to serve him.

The series “Moon Knight” is scheduled for release in late 2023.