Major game releases in November

Game releases in november New Game Release

Most gamers are now robbing trains and drinking in saloons, but even against this background, we are waiting for a lot of game releases in november

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 In the last month of the fall, there will be orders for the murder, a shooting range with the living dead, and a new game from the creators of Half-Life. Intrigued? Then read our traditional selection with the most interesting projects of the month.

Football Manager 2019

When: November 2nd.
On which platforms: PC.

You will have to try on the role of head coach with all the consequences: communication with players, manipulations in the transfer market and attempts to please the owners of the club.

Overkill’s The Walking Dead

When : November 6th.
On which platforms: PC.

This month comes the long-awaited Overkill’s The Walking Dead. This time we will deal with a shooter, not a simple one, but a cooperative one. The game is designed for four people who are invited to survive in Washington among the zombies. These zombies will shoot in massive quantities.

The Walking Dead,game releases in november

However, developers advise to be careful and not to attract attention to themselves once again. We promise the possibility of exploring the world and finding resources, as well as a new story in a familiar universe.

Well, the four characters will have their own unique abilities that need to be combined for survival. The game was created by the same people as Payday , so at least it promises to be curious. Although the first reviews are already there, and they are not very good.


When: November 7th.
On which platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One.

But this release will definitely be scandalous. Kursk – adventure, in which you have to play as a spy on the infamous submarine. Your task is to collect secret information about the new torpedo “Squall”. Apparently, something goes wrong.
Kursk game,game releases in november
The developers promise a complex gameplay and a dramatic story, as well as the need to make decisions that will have certain consequences. Well, the ending, apparently, is known in advance. However, who knows what the creators of the game could imagine?


When: November 8th.
On which platforms: PC.

Egress – this, apparently, some strange hybrid of Dark Souls and the royal battle. We are offered to choose our hero with unique abilities and go to a certain city. There you must fight for your team, grab points, use stationary guns and look for some loot.

Game releases in november

And all this is in the style of electric box with a touch of Lovecraft mythology. The game focuses on melee weapons, and the battles should be difficult and exciting. At least, we are so promised.

11-11: Memories Retold

When: November 9th.
On which platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One.

Hitman 2

When: November 13th.
On which platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One.

Fallout 76

fallout 76
Initially, Fallout 76 was conceived as a multiplayer component of Fallout 4 . But there were too many technical work: you had to redo the technology.

When: November 14th.
On which platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One.

Underworld Ascendant

When: November 15th.
On which platforms: PC.

Paul Neurath (creator of System Shock 2 and Thief ), along with Warren Spectrum, will release the role-playing game Underworld Ascendant this month . This is a sequel to Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss and Ultima Underworld 2: Labyrinth of Worlds, in which you return to the Stygian Abyss as an Avatar.

Game releases in november

They promise three factions that fight for the dungeon, non-linear passage and a bunch of puzzles. Underworld Ascendant can be described as follows: imagine how your grandfather picks his car for a long time in the garage, and then pulls out something of the times of his youth, but doped on a new machine.

Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus

When: November 15th.
On which platforms: PC.

Complaining about the dominance of games in the Warhammer universe? Hold one more. Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus is a turn-based strategy in which you control the Adeptus Mechanicus army, which is one of the most technologically advanced in the universe.

Game releases in november

In addition to deep customization of members of the squad, in Mechanicus should bring unique characters for each character and difficult plot points. Like those where you have to choose who to save and who to leave to die.

Battlefield V

When: November 20th.
On which platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One.

Battlefield has a tough time with widespread developer and perplexed audiences. The scandal around a multicolored woman with a prosthesis gradually subsided, but the news about a small number of pre-orders is depressing.

Game releases in november

However, these are all marketing wars, but in terms of gameplay, Battlefield V should be fine. True, at the start you may not have enough content, but the plans for post-release support from the studio are ambitious. And most importantly – no lutboks!

Farming Simulator 19

When: November 20th.
On which platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One.

It would seem that the new part can offer the next part of the simulator farmer? In general, they can easily get confused. Farming Simulator 19 will be pleased to demonstrate the increased development budget: we are promised a revised schedule and a pack of licenses.

Game releases in november

Well, not such licenses as FIFA, which everyone knows, but, for example, Deere & Company, which you can only know if you are completely immersed in this topic. And here they promise horses that you need to feed oats. Rich? Still would.

Darksiders 3

When: November 27th.
On which platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One.

Darksiders 3 continues the story of the original game of the horsemen of the Apocalypse. You are now playing for the riders sister, Rage, which must destroy the seven deadly sins.
Darksiders 3,game releases in november
They promise more tenacious enemies, but in smaller quantities, several elemental forms for the heroine and a crafting system. The slashers have recently started to go out much less, so Darksiders 3 can not be missed.


When: November 28th.
On which platforms: PC.

The recipe is simple, but reliable: take the ENT, which millions of players know, and draw the creator of Magic: The Gathering to the development.

Artifact,game releases in november

Well, and season with the Steam store to exchange cards can be. That’s all – the potential CCI-hit is ready, and Blizzard will have to think how to cover the joker in the face of Artifact .

Mavericks: The Forge


When: November 29th.
On which platforms: PC.

In today’s world, battle grand pianos have to survive by hanging additional mechanics: look at how the construction went into the Fortnite audience . The creators of the Mavericks decided to go on the most difficult path, increasing the scale of all that is possible.

Game releases in november

See for yourself: the game promises to change the time of day and weather conditions, a huge map of 16 square kilometers and 400 people on one server. Here is another candidate for endless early access. But who knows: what if it burns out this time?

Edge Of Eternity

When: November 30th.
On which platforms: PC.

Edge Of Eternity – almost a literal clone of Final Fantasy 15 . We, of course, understand that “everything is a remix”, but not to the same extent. Just look at the trailer of the game: there is the prince-savior, and the war with the imperial invaders, and the bright world with large figures growing out of the ground.
Game releases in november
Even the music and the speech of the characters are similar: if you turn on the trailer and remove the picture, you will easily recognize the “Final”. Only in the poor version, with step-by-step battles and a weaker art direction. Look at the Edge Of Eternity only want in order to find out how much she took from Final Fantasy.

X4: Foundations

When: November 30th.
On which platforms: PC.

The X series has finally received a direct sequel, not a low quality reboot. Developers have to launder their good name after Rebirth , which earned extremely bad grades, but sold well through pre-orders. X4: Foundations promises a large open world that lives separately from the player, and a huge number of ships of different classes with extensive customization options.

 X4: Foundations,Game releases in november

And a deep economic model is not EVE , of course, but it’s far from Space Rangers . The main thing that you need to do in the case of X4 – this is in no case do not pre-order, and wait for our review.

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