“Sony, follow Microsoft’s example! Stop being silent!”: Players urge to reveal PS5 price – PlayStation team replied

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This week the company Sony decided to devote to the announcements of games for PlayStation VR… Talking about her plans, she warned that the news of Playstation 5 you shouldn’t wait at this time. Users, tired of waiting for the opportunity to place a pre-order, reacted to this with negative comments, because there are about two months left before the launch of the set-top box.

PlayStation’s Twitter account responded to a barrage of messages from fans simply: “Take time to relax and think” by attaching a famous scene from a samurai action movie to the post Ghost of tsushima

Audience reactions were immediate:

Picture caption: No limit to expectations
We won’t relax until you open pre-orders.

It won’t work until PS5 is pre-ordered.

I’ll relax as soon as I get all the information about the PS5. After receiving it, I think WHY IT TAKEN SO MUCH TIME !!

Are you telling us to calm down, Soony!?!?

It is because of you that I cannot relax. Do what you must and then I will calm down!

I’m calm…

Think about: Chart, about 12 Teraflops

Twitter vs Community Manager: When to Preorder? When is the release date? When is the price?

The fire was also added to the fire by yesterday’s activity by Microsoft, which revealed the Xbox Series S and announced its cost – $ 299. Users are encouraging Sony to follow the example of competitors and share details as soon as possible.

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are coming out in fall 2020.

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