Lock’s Quest Remaster

That same game (although somewhat improved in reality especially in aesthetic matters) reappears thanks to THQ Nordic and Digital Continue studio ,

who bring us a very good remastering of a game already very remarkable as I have already mentioned. However, due to its playable features that I will explain right now, it is true that it is not the typical work suitable for all types of users. And is that Lock’s Quest Remaster is a very special adventure in almost all its aspects.


Before entering into his subject matter is to explain the adventure’s argument, which is true that it seems to me to be anything but specially worked and surprising. The central character is a young man named Lock, who must become the savior of his kingdom, which is threatened by Lord Agony , the bad guy on duty.


The latter has used energy and all its wisdom to create robots called mecasoldados , which devastate everything they catch and only leave behind chaos and destruction. Obviously our task is to stop this army and, in the last case, Lord Agony himself, an adventure that will take us about 15 hours to undertake.


Tower Defense, role and much more

As I said before, we have a title that goes out of the norm in many aspects, especially in its playable aspect. And because? Because the adventure undertakes and houses a wide range of different genres, being that the tower defense element is the most important of all.


Lock's Quest Remaster analysis

The battles are very curious and during them we have to resist for a stipulated time.

From an isometric perspective we must overcome a large number of battles that, in the end, end up being one of the most important tasks and activities and to which we have to devote more time and attention than all this work offers us.


These combats take place in real time , but are divided into two clearly differentiated stages. In the first we have to build all kinds of defenses that allow us to defend our position and then, during the second phase of the confrontation, resist the offens


ive of the opponent until the clock that appears on the screen reaches zero. This part of the combat is not passive because during it we can perform different tasks, from repairing our defenses to attacking enemies directly. A mechanics that at first it costs a bit to get used to but that, in the medium term, is quite suggestive.


Lock's Quest Remaster PC

Its playable variety gives as a result a very attractive adventure

Then there’s the RPG touch. Throughout the adventure we can get in touch and dialogue in Spanish with a good number of characters that are scattered around the stages. It is also possible to go through a wide range of these sets and, while doing so, we

can go to new situations. In addition, as the game progresses, we gain access to new constructions and resources , while we can carry out different missions. And to move from one place to another of the mapping, we have to use a small world map in the purest style represented in classic RPGs.


This playable variety gives as a fruit a very attractive adventure once the point is taken, at least it is what I consider, and offers enough inducements to maintain interest until the end.


Lock's Quest Remaster

The adventure mixes with guarantees many different styles such as role, tower defense and strategy.

Regarding the innovations integrated in this edition, one of the most notorious is the change in its control system . The original g


ame of DS based its control on the use of the touch screen and the stylus, but in this case has been adapted to the traditional controls in the console versions, as well as the mouse and keyboard in the PC version. And it works correctly.


Lock's Quest Remaster PC

The graphic aspect has also been clearly improved. The pixelated aesthetics in 2D is maintained, but its resolution and detail is much greater. This makes the pixels of the sprites are perceived more clearly, something that although I do not dislike


at all if it can not finish convincing some users. The sound has also been greatly improved in terms of the quality of the compositions, offering a good soundtrack and much more discreet and inconspicuous effects in general.


A new game mode has also been added , Defensa, which invites us to participate in a challenge in which we must defend the city of Antonia from waves of enemies. And to finish, other improvements and minor innovations have been added such as new objects, screens and clearer menu interfaces, etc. A very complete adventure and pretty rejuvenated within what fits.