Democracy Africa 3

Everything went like clockwork, but suddenly reminded of itself pollution. In itself, it certainly does not look too terrible threat, but little effect on people’s health, income from tourism and other indicators. In addition, outside of the monitor 2016, and I have a hard enough “washed” brains, and therefore views on life does not allow me to neglect the environment, even in the game.

But how to solve this problem? for environmental technology grants have long highlighted, in cars and factories are filters, fields are decorated with propellers of wind power plants – what else can I do ?! Ecology suffering the stronger, the higher the GDP, but I can not deliberately reduce the main indicator of well-being of my Mauritius.

The solution was found. I’ve never been a supporter of private vehicles, so I decided to raise the tax on gasoline in order to reduce congestion. Of course, it also promised to adverse effects (including for GDP), but extremely small. And I let the money on the development of railways, to increase funding for which has long forgotten. And after three moves I have found that external debt is my Mauritius … 200 billion.


Trailer ends almost grandiose, but the beginning of it is that just scare casual customers.

Motorists and quiet before the Mother me through clenched teeth, but at least respect for the fact that the country is booming. Now their patience is exhausted: petrol strike not only reduced the use of cars, and completely reduced it to nothing, which immediately hit the economy. Even in a period of rapid economic growth in my left dozens of moves to repay external debt, with whom I took a country. But only one received a temper solution and interest payments for the loan from the World Bank again eyesore among the main lines of expenditure. Fortunately, by this time Mauritius prospered so much that problem was solved quickly and do almost no consequences, but in a different situation it could have completed the present economic and political collapse.

How did it happen that I missed the first brewing massive pollution, and then did not have time to stop gasoline rebellion?

The reason – a small convention, designed to diversify the game. Some negative situations can be found only when they reach a certain critical point, and from that moment they begin to affect other parameters of life in the state. State of the environment can be studied at any time, and cause and effect relationships are shown very clearly.

But if it gets worse, then sooner or later, somewhere in there, away from the player’s eyes will start to grow hidden pollution option, no matter what … does not affect the time.

Just at some point, there is a red icon with a variety of negative effects on the main screen. Of course, its appearance should be expected,

Review of the Africa Democracy 3

There is oil and tourism facilities (green), but a bunch of homeless people, foreign agents, as well as problems with obesity, asthma and tradition makes women circumcision.

These so-called “negative situations” – one of the key elements of Democracy 3. Their interesting feature is that the icon appears when you reach a certain milestone, but get rid of it is much more difficult than it might seem. Relatively speaking, if you start to pour into the sea 100 tons of oil, the pollution effects are included, but to turn it off to reduce waste discharges have not up to 99 tons and up to 80.

So, of course, it is better not to lead to the extremes than to disentangle the effects of ten strokes . Situation there are “positive”, and they predict a little bit easier if constantly sponsor colleges and robotics, it is obvious that sooner or later will appear green icon “technological superiority” that improves a number of indicators (and leading to an increase in cyber crime).

Review of the Africa Democracy 3

A typical story: the level of pollution has risen sharply because of one mistake, and the negative situation for many years did not manage to fix it.