Slain Back from Hell

The work of the artists who have given life to this bleak world of nightmare is unbeatable. From the design of scenarios, incredibly detailed, varied and with lots of references to heavy metal culture; going through all that string of monsters that will haunt us


from beginning to end: skeletons bathed in blood, werewolves, flying heads spitting acid, grotesque creatures beating right and left with whips, fla


ming swords or gigantic war hammers; We will even be attacked by ghostly girls running around with a knife in their hands. That without forgetting the end of phase bosses. What a spectacle! This is pixel art in its pure state; a waste of creativity, good taste and passion.



Escaping from the hell

Nothing that we did not see in the original video game is true, but unlike at that time, Slain: Back from Hell is not just a pretty facade. The sensations have improved. Not only because now you can enjoy your action without mistakes in between, which

of course; also the combat system has evolved correctly. The original was a complete disaster. Simplón, unimaginative, did not offer any other option than repeating the same combo again and again before foolish enemies, yes, but disproportion
ately powerful. You had to beat them a lot of times before knocking them down when they, with a couple of lunges, put an end to your life. Horrible.


Slain Back from Hell analysis

Some scenarios are a real show. There is also a good variety of locations, all with a well achieved Metalera air.

Now the duels are more interesting, they have something more spark, although in general it continues being a simple video game; it does not offer a variety of action or an elaborate combos system: hit, block or avoid moving backwards depending on the monster you face. There is little more. And it’s a shame. With this audiovisual show in the background, what you l


east expect is to crush monsters routinely, without emotion; which is what happens on most occasions even with improvements. That there are.


 The forces have been balanced; the combats are now fairer, less frustrating, and thanks to the incorporation of the blockade and counterattack , they require a bit more precision. It is not enough just to hit and hit, because in that way we will soon die.


Slain Back from Hell PC

Slain: Back from Hell points out ways, but then does not exploit its full potential

Along the way have also added six new monsters to beat duel, but in general all act similarly or, put another way, they are all beaten identi

cally. There are variables. In some cases you have to return your magic spells with a good sword stroke and others, at least, require a good block at the moment just before delivering a deadly attack. The sensations improve, we i
nsist, but Slain is still a video game too simple to pretend to occupy the throne of the greatest of the genre. Even the battle against the bosses , with such a great design, is totally wasted. They are anodyne, simple; almost like it’s like facing a skeleton, but much more powerful. What a pity.


Slain Back from Hell

Escape from the jaws of death in the skin of a great wolf. This is one of the most frenetic moments of the game. I wish there were more like that.

When you expect an epic battle, a confrontation of those who do not forget easily, you see yourself beating a gigantic demon .

What a drama. But sadly this is the norm in Slain: Back from Hell. It points out ways, but then it does not take advantage of its full potential. It happens with the design of levels. In the aesthetic they are fantastic, at a playable level they are discrete. Issue? They are simple and unimaginative. The challenges, whether we are in a cave, in the c


astle of a demon or on cold mountain peaks, are always the same; there are no puzzles that adapt to the scenario, nor platforms that complicate the march excessively. They are also extremely linear, repetitive in the way they hinder our progress. There are traps, special monsters and in some cases, even, some exploration, but little by little.


Slain Back from Hell PC

All this sounds very bad, it’s true, but even with these drawbacks you can really enjoy this new version of Slain. You just have to go through Steam to see how in recent weeks the trend has changed: from the harshness with which fans criticized the original game we have gone on to praise the many improvements that integrates the game of Wolf Brew Games. Worth? He lets hims


elf be loved, you can enjoy it, although he never abandons the feeling that he could have been much better, either because of his spectacular staging, because of his soundtrackcomposed by Curt Victor Bryant, a former member of the heavy Celtic group Frost, or because of the fierceness of their battles, in the end it entertains and entertains, which is the important thing.