“Little things can not be found”? – announced the bully simulator Hooligan Simulator

Following simulator onanista game developers introduced in Steam a project where players will find themselves in the shoes of a street bully who needs to “get the dough and gain respect among the boys from the area.”

Debut trailer:

In Hooligan Simulator, the main opponents of the player are the police, whom it is advisable to avoid in every way, which can help parkour skills, or, if necessary, the use of physical force. Fists are also a tool for knocking money and jewelry out of passers-by.

It will also be possible to assert itself in the role of a local gopnik by destroying public property and drawing graffiti on the walls. In addition, the developers promise a vast urban environment to restore order, a lot of skills that will help the hero become the main law-maker, the ability to manage an illegal business, participate in group fights and much more.

Hooligan Simulator release scheduled for this year exclusively for PC.

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