It is not a particularly groundbreaking title, but the new creator of Gears of War does not feel like “one more” among so many others. It has personality, novel ideas, which are what have made me enjoy so much of their exciting shootings. It’s like going


back to the old days , to the frenetic action of Quake III, but withspecial skills and combat mechanics more typical of today. A hypervitamined Overwatch, as has been said out there? Nothing is further from reality.


Although there are nine different character classes and all of them have unique features that significantly modify the action, in th


is Cliff Bleszinski video game it does not matter so much what type of soldier you control as how you control it. It does not matter if you are a doctor and there is a murderer in front of you; If you move well, if you take advanta


ge of your tactical advantages, you can end your life and that of many others! It’s what I like most about LawBreakers. Here prevails the law of the strongest, the fastest, most agile and lethal soldier with weapons, whatever they may be! And


this is an incredibly satisfying feeling. Each battle in this intense multiplayer action game engages you in a haze of shots and explosions hard to describe.


Blessed multiplayer chaos

Warriors that glide across the ground while they open fire, or titans equipped with missile launchers that from the sky bombard a battlefield in which we also find gunmen who teleport, or ninjas who cruelly stab in the back. LawBreakers takes us into a war without quarter that does not leave even a second of respite. Such is the frenetism, such the speed with which the action develops, that in a flash you can reach glory or fail miserably in front of enemies d

ifficult to overcome by the idiosyncrasy of this video game, which is committed to verticalityand the acrobatics against the more traditional combat. Not only because of the zero-gravity zones, which are a real madness, but mainly because of the tremendous agility shown by most characters within our reach.


LawBreakers analysis

Each soldier counts, regardless of their role, but in most game modes, it is essential to rely on the team to achieve victory.

Do not run, fly !, through labyrinthine scenarios that mostly present a great design. They are very varied among themselves, with a great balance between closed spaces and large open areas where we can unleash our murderous creativity. In


this sense, the special abilities of the fighters are also surprisingly funny and very useful! in unexpected ways. The killer, for example, uses a hook to move at great speed through the stages but … what happens if the one you hit is an enemy? It’s


brutal! You can strike a mortal blow and move on as if nothing. Also those capable of building walls with which to block the passage of enemies, or those who no longer can only fly, but also, use their reactors to launch opponents into the air.


LawBreakers PC

Each battle involves you in a maremágnum of shots and explosions difficult to describe

The warriors of LawBreakers are so different from each other that it is hard to believe that when it comes to the truth, there is such a balance of power between them. There are better than others in certain tasks, it is true, because we have

damage specialists, tanks and support units, but as I pointed out before, it does not matter if you are a doctor or a gunslinger; in the end, you will have enough power to kill your enemies. Which does not mean that the game has been ab
andoned as a team . It is essential to achieve victory in a title in which to kill, and kill yourself a lot, it is the least. In the work of Boss Key we find the most varied objectives that force us to move from one place to another fulfilling tasks that, for the most part, require the support of allies.



LawBreakers includes multiple video tutorials that explain the operation of the game modes and also the role of each character class.

Overcharge , for example, proposes to fight for a battery that we must take to our base, and charge it with energy, to score a point. What happen? That in that charging process, the enemy can attack, steal, and finish the task at their base, scoring them


the both. Turf War , on the other hand, poses an interesting twist to the classic Domination mode, leading us to fight for several areas of the map that will again and again block their access to rebalance the forces. In both cases the action is concentrated in specific points of the mapping, creating spectacular 5 vs 5 duel


s in which it is essential to take advantage of the special abilities of the soldiers. And then we have Blitzball, a kind of sports competition, in which speed and agility prevail over everything else. Steal the energy sphere and transport it to the enemy base before it explodes into a thousand pieces! It’s exciting, and terribly funny, because you do not rest for a moment. It’s what I like most about LawBreakers.


LawBreakers PC

It is a difficult video game, which requires practice, to fully enjoy your battles

Its frantic action, the chaos of the fight and the crazy stunts are the great attractions of a video game that gives you even the opportunity to open fire back, without looking, not so much to end the life of a rival as to take momentumin all those areas without gravity that are pure spectacle. You really enjoy all this chaos, with enemies that fly, that hang fro

m here to there, that shoot, launch flying kicks or even drop from the heights to crush the unwary who are in the vicinity. It is a total war, covering all possible directions, and in that aspect LawBreakers creates a fast-paced multiplayer action with
which it is easy to have a great time. I also tell you that this is a difficult videogame, which requires practice, to fully enjoy your battles, but as soon as you get the basic controls and begin to master your vertical struggle, there are few games capable of thrilling as much as the new by Cliff B.



With nine character classes and five different game modes, LawBreakers offers fun for a while; more taking into account that we also find loot boxes with various items to customize the appearance of the fighters. These boxes can be bought with real money, but in general, by throwing a few games a day, you get the necessary points so you do not have to invest more money in this production. Technically Boss Key game looks great on PC , especially thanks to the


frenzy with which the action is developed, although the PS4 version still has some performance problems that hinder somewhat the shootings. Is it a suicide to play with command? Although I prefer the keyboard and mouse, I’ve played some games with the controller and it certainly handles very well. It’s a matter of getting used to it, but in general terms, at this point, a lot of work has been done.


With so much competition involved, LawBreakers has managed to hook me up badly. Each new game makes me want more to a videogame that although at these moments lacks more content, especially in the form of new maps, it fulfills what was promised. It is a different multiplayer action title that, without revolutionizing the genre, manages to stand o


ut from the competition with its clear commitment to the most frenetic action, the fight in environments without gravity and the verticality of its scenarios. Will it achieve success? The initial sales data are somewhat worrisome, but if Boss Key manages to keep LawBreakers well-nourished with content, with the quality of their matches, it could end up making its way into the market.