At first glance LawBreakers seems almost an exact copy of the Overwatch . Eighteen unique characters, divided into nine classes. Five modes, each of which involves the sharing of tasks, rather than banal shooting enemies.

Restored within a few seconds and the ability to accumulate “ultimates”. However, after the first match, the comparison with the shooter Blizzard seem ridiculous – the gameplay is much faster, more energetic and generally not that and more reminiscent of Quake or the Unreal Tournament .

There does not arise a situation where because of one bad man collapses the whole team, and there is no clear division into medical, tanks and attack. Five players are selected at the beginning of the match class, warm up and go into battle in symmetrical maps.

As such, training in the game there, so you have to just deal around on the fly. But it is not so difficult – each character has two main abilities.

The first (activated on L1) is connected to the movement – someone makes a tackle, someone is able to fly or run very fast. The second (R1) provides an advantage in battle – a shield can be put, or for someone to treat. Still there is “Ulta”, which has long been accumulated, but the process can be accelerated by the murders and support.

Weapons all too different, due to which the gameplay for each individual character is different. But there is too strong and frankly weak characters – all can break into a fight and struggle “nafragovat”.

Even the combat medic, I quietly to himself was “Maine”, he is able to stand up for yourself and speak better than others. Allied treatment comes with one button, which is pressed on to the selected player flies a drone. And that was all the treatment ends – you can continue to run after opponents and throw them out of their shells grenade until he noticed the next wounded comrade.

But if the team come across people who are only chasing murder and totally ignore the basic problem, the game becomes a bit more complicated.

More than once I have met people who did not even tried to get to the point to capture it or did not try to break through the enemy defenses for the charge of theft from their base.

Their behavior is not the most user-friendly interface can be explained, because of which beginners can not understand the essence of the regime, but in fact it’s probably just not interested. Battle command to death in LawBreakers there and mindlessly shoot they want to – you have to spend time with them for a few minutes and hope for the best.

LawBreakers game review

The shield is not particularly useful in public locations, but in the hallways sometimes helps a lot.

But when the team is playing in order to win and tries to defend a point to attack from the flanks and different time use abilities, matches can be incredibly exciting and entertaining.

Once in the Uplink Mode on the map, where between the two bases continued almost straight path, I was once again taken for a medical ‘spam’ shells and permanent suppression of opponents at the expense of treatment of comrades.

Everything worked perfectly – we gradually moved to a foreign base, I tossed drones from one player to another, trying not to let any of them die, and parallel to the firing of the grenade in the hope of at least hurt someone and simplify the task of the team members.

As a result, we have brought the object itself, waited a full charge, but this thing LawBreakersIt is not limited to – you want to defend for even twenty seconds before the point will be reckoned. Enemies ran into the charge, but my “Ulta” time saved the situation – it is a large sphere within which the Allies are treated and can not be injured.

And these episodes, which then does not remember the time, and for which you want to play a little longer, – complete.

And very often you yourself become a director of epic moments. Each match is not like the previous one – all thanks to the spacious cards and moving characters, each of which is useful. And the opportunity at any time to switch to medic titanium with titanium assassin, and then to the “Enforcer” makes it easy to change the situation for the better, if the team lacks a more aggressive player or defender, holding the defense.

the laws of gravity

Design cards also makes the matches more spectacular and tense due to the fact that in some areas of low gravity enabled. Heroes jump high and soar in different corners of the shells fly by a player with all the parties connected with the movement abilities become more useful and dangerous.

Clumsy at first glance turns out to be more mobile, titanium, as its “rocketjump” allow much faster to get to the victim, to hit her on the ground and shoot a rocket launcher. And in the capable hands of an assassin – a serious threat, because by means of its hook can be almost non-stop flying from side to side.

LawBreakers game review

Two seconds later, the match will end in victory, if the guy is on top will not have time to run to the charge.

Learn the skills of all the characters and become more experienced – great fun, and do so no one bothers to – no one directly in LawBreakers not “counter”. So regardless of the selected character can succeed, if to do their job and the ability to use for other purposes.

And slowly you start to learn the subtleties of which in the game is almost never mentioned. In the skin Vanguard, for example, consume fuel in jet packs desirably small portions – if once emptied stocks have to wait several seconds for regeneration. And when firing the weapon, which holds in his right hand Gunslinger, you can hold R2 – so the cartridge is charged and inflict more damage.