It turned out that Lawbreakers buried right at the exit. Bought the game less than half of those players that played in the free beta, at the start of sales on the servers was only 3000 users are 4 times lower than that of the infamous Battleborn .

This stigma – how absurd rumor, it can be taken from the ceiling, but will stick to you for a long time. The very start still about what does not speak, but afterwards everyone will think “maybe really something wrong?”.

The game was really bad advertising, and those damn numbers scared away most of the potential buyers. The game is not bought, because they saw that the game was not buying.

But actually LawBreakers alive, matches are searched without problems for an agreed minute – both on the PC, and the PS4.

The game has 87% positive reviews in Steam, which is already more than two thousand. And all you can see the delight and wishes the project to find its audience.

There is another stigma – it is a clone Overwatch. But in fact, the game developed in parallel and if Cliff something and dragged himself, it is only a small detail. Echo Blizzard games sometimes feel, but more often it’s just a coincidence obvious solutions.

And considering that LawBreakers virtually no emphasis on team actions, compare it with the Overwatch quick stop. And the furious speed of movement of a small card will never forget what you play.

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The main advantages

What I want to convey to you in the first place – LawBreakers good. There are bugs, there are bad decisions, but nothing that would have broke the game. It is not original at first glance, the characters and maps is quite impersonal, no single player,

Laura almost there, but it does not really matter, because the feeling of it stunning. The gameplay itself feels very fresh. This speed, such a rich set of skills I have not seen anywhere else.

> At your disposal is a nine different machines to kill and how many cool things you can do each of them – in one class – a little tear tower.

That intoxication coolness of his character impresses at first. Triple jump, plus a bounce off the walls, plus a long tackle, plus a dash with a dagger?

Shoved into a hero steep stuff, until it burst! He seems imboy, but that is feature – here, all the characters are seen as overpowered, and this balance is kept.

For LawBreakers I’ve been watching for a long time, I initially liked the idea of ​​mobility of crazy characters, the emphasis on skill and graphics that there is indeed excellent (simplistically Cartoon Pictures Overwatch I do not like).

I had time to cool off for the game and light up again several times – before I first tried it. Much in the gameplay video seemed to me wrong, repulsive, but in the end the experience proved to be false, many causes for concern have time to fix it.

The thrill of shooting, the chatter of the queues and the effect of the hit I like especially, and this is a key aspect for shooters – they should be kayfovo kill.

A special pleasure for humiliating and challenging murder – for example, melt the enemy face the exhaust from the rocket boots, or simply move the foot, leaving the opponent screen savory imprint soles. This is not a sluggish punch fist in Overwatch.

Gravity-defying combat

Usually, the first thing they say about this game (besides the fact that she is dead) – is anti-gravity zone. Even its tagline – gravity-defying combat, is that the developers have advanced forward in the company’s marketing.

I will not say that this is the wrong move, because the area is easily shown in the trailer, this is really something new and exciting. And yes, as a result, they are well raznoobrazhivayut game.

Here they are not pushed as in Overwatch, on the margins of a single card, almost half of the time you spend in them and go there you need very different.

Very incidentally falls blindly firing button that allows you to shoot behind him – mainly it is necessary to push you forward in the areas of anti-gravity.

By this method of movement is not easy to get used to (do it simply, do not forget about it, to include in the series of conscious actions – more difficult), as well as to the actual areas, but fly them really interesting.

In addition to the lowered attraction there is also a gravitational slingshot, which you unwind around the ball with force field.

And yet, outside of some it may seem that this game is one innovative mechanics that it exhausts. This striking feature, but not the main one.

For me, the coolest and fresh here – it is the possibility of the characters whose abilities which sets better and more interesting than in the same Owerwatch.

The main thing in the game – is that it allows you to do with these abilities, what strength and speed gives the feel. It is catchy and makes the play more and more.

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Lawbreakers – hybrid arena shooter like Quake 3 Arena has / the Unreal Tournament  and team Hiro-shooter like Overwatch  with his meticulous approach to the characters.

The gameplay here, too, the team, five on five, but the coordination and selection of the composition of teams is required is much less than in OW, respectively, less you have to play on that need, not on what you want, no whining chatting in the spirit of “The Widow, Change “.

Formally, the classes here are the same – DPS (the hero, whose main task – to kill, usually has an average stock of health and high damage), tank (a large stock of health, less mobility, task – to pull the enemy focus on himself and to cover the other) and a support (support class, heals and buffs allies), but they actually differ much less than in other games.