Shadow Tactics

In any other context, define it as a “Commandos with ninjas and samurai” might sound derogatory, simplistic, but believe me, I say this with the greatest possible respect and I do, in addition, excited, happy, because this is the video game for whi


ch both we had prayed these years. There is the green beret, turned into a powerful warrior of Feudal Japan; an old man emulating the mythical sniper, or even the sapper !, played by a young ninja apprentice capable of setting traps and creating distractions. Everything you loved about the Pyro Studios classic is


 clearlyreflected in this video game by Mimimi Productions , which has managed to adapt the formula very well to a historical context like that of Japan in 1615, at a time when the Shogun that rules the archipelago is threatened by an enemy in the shadows.



Stealth Assassins

The first impression is “go, this is one more of the same”, but soon you realize that the action, in its way, is something different. Not only to use katanas instead of firearms, there are, but rather, to explore the scenarios . It is more open, there are more options thanks to the acrobatic skill of some of the five protagonists of Shadow Tacti

cs who, like the ninja , will be able to climb to the top of the rooftops to cross enemy territory without raising suspicions; Jump from here to there, walk on ropes or even climb rock walls before falling on their victims without them seeing their death.


Shadow Tactics analysis

Hide here, you hit that guard, shoot that other … do you want your troops to act in unison? You can record the orders and execute them instantly. Good option!

They are agile, fast and


lethal in the shadows, unlike Mugen, the samurai , who, when equipped with heavy armor, will appear slower and clumsier. Jump between buildings? Impossible! But in return, you can end the lives of several rivals in a heartbeat. And I like. The heroes are so different from each other, and offer such disparate game experiences that there wi


ll never be a single solution to the same problem. Even when it comes to distracting , their way of working and the results they obtain are rad


ically opposed. The old Takuma , for example, uses a raccoon to focus the attention of several soldiers on the same spot, thus opening the way where before there was none, while Yuki, thief by obligation, can attract enemies to kill them by using traps.


Shadow Tactics PC

Everything you loved about the classic of Pyro Studios is faithfully reflected in this video game

Although there are heroes better prepared than others for combat, nobody is invincible! The minimum error is paid with life, so collaboration is essential. Also grateful. It is hard not to smile when you check that things go according to plan; When

you see that your acrobatic jumps, covert murders and distractions are allowing you to reach, step by step, that goal that minutes before seeme
d impossible. Shadow Tactics perfectly captures the feeling of really infiltrating behind enemy lines. You feel the fear, the anguish of knowing that wherever you go, someone can discover you and sound the alarms.


Shadow Tactics

In addition to the main objective there are a handful of badges that we will only get after performing special actions. Getting with them is a challenge.

There are resources to avoid it, of course, because apart from the special abilities of the protagonists, which are taken advantage of dur


ing the 13 missionsof which the campaign consists, the very design of scenarios delves into that freedom of action of the that I spoke to you before There is always an alternative way, a new way to distract the guards or better t


raps with which to surprise them. You may not see them at first glance, but there they are, they are always there. A hidden passage in the


mountains, a good disguise with which to equip the spy, the bell of a temple with which to distract the guards … you can even provoke a rockfall and crush several enemies. It was an accident! No one will suspect. And this is a detail that I love.