In that play: Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, F1 2017, The Escapists 2

The Escapists 2

Developer: Team17 Digital Ltd, Mouldy Toof Studios
Publisher: Team17 Digital Ltd
platforms List: Xbox One, PS4, PC
Twenty-second of August came The Escapists 2 , the second part of the simulator escaping from prison by Team17 , the creators of the classic series about fighting games worms. This time there will be more problems, since in addition to organizing the shoot will have to put up even with the antics of your friends – the second part of the game has got cooperative.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Developer : Naughty Dog
Publisher : the Sony Entertainment’s Interactive has
platforms List: the PS4
Twenty-third day of August saw the long-awaited world of Uncharted: the Legacy of The of Lost , independent addition to the fourth game about the adventures of Nathan Drake. He happily retired, but his girlfriend Hloya Freyzer has no plans to settle down. Under our management it survives many adventures full of drama – the developers have done a little bit carried away and complement almost the size of the main game. Read our review on the site .


Developer : Cheerdealers
Publisher : Alawar Entertainment’s
platform List: the PC
On the same day, the release of the indie adventure Distrust from the creators of wonderful project Beholder . The player needs to hold a group of survivors in a few locations procedurally generated polar station, which has captured an unknown evil. Along the way, the poor things have to contend with cold, hunger, and anomalies of its own folly. As you might guess, the movie Dzhona Karpentera “Something” was the basis for the project.

Cossacks 3: The Golden Age

Developer : GSC the Game World
Publisher : GSC World the Game
Platforms List: the PC

Soundtracks new nations.
The twenty-fourth of August it became available the addition of “Golden Age” for the strategy of “Cossacks 3” . This is the final part of the deluxe edition of the game, in which we are waiting for a new multiplayer mode “Historic Battle” for eight players. Also, we will give two more nations – Switzerland and Piedmont, five units, four single script in different parts of the world and the new historical campaigns of major conflicts in the Dutch Republic of the seventeenth century.

Madden NFL 18

Developer : EA’s Tiburon
Publisher : of Electronic Arts has
platforms List: the Xbox the One, the PS4
August twenty-fifth out another part of Madden NFL under the corresponding number “18”. Experiment by adding the campaign story in FIFA 17 was recognized as the best, so now the sports department of Electronic Arts organized a story mode and in the simulator of American football. The next step, probably penetrating stories about life and basketball players.

F1 2017

Developer: Codemasters
Publisher: Codemasters
Platform List: the Xbox the One, the PS4, the PC
August twenty-fifth as we are waiting for another license sports simulator. Studio Codemasters replenish its series about the royal racing game called F1 2017 . We are waiting for the return of one of the classic modes, improved multiplayer, as well as a completely new competition Championships.