In that play: Tacoma, The Long Dark, Aven Colony and other releases

Prevent The Fall

Developer : the DWS
Publisher: the DWS
platforms List: the PC
July 31 on PCs came out action role-playing Prevent The Fall. Players are invited to go down to the sinister dungeon and challenge the hordes of monsters – in general, everything is as usual. Allocates the same project on the general background to pass the game not only in standard mode, but also in virtual reality glasses. In addition, the catacombs themselves and quests generated randomly, and the strength and number of monsters depend on whether you are traveling alone or with a partner.


Developer : Sobaka Studio
Publisher : Gambitious the Digital Entertainment’s
platform List: the PC
August 1 went on sale bloody action Redeemer – a hybrid of God of War and Hotline Miami from a small Russian team Sobaka Studio. In the role of a brutal monk Basil you bare hands to tear apart the enemy soldiers and various mutants. And although the game got away from us a modest five points on Steam and lack of positive feedback. This means that the creation of, at least, ambiguous.

The Long Dark

Developer: The Hinterland Studio Inc.
Publisher : The Hinterland Studio Inc.
List of platforms : the Xbox the One, the PS4, the PC
On the same day before the release finally arrived vyzhivastik The Long Dark. Northern Canada – rough country that does not forgive weakness and stupidity. Here reign the cold, dark and ever hungry predators. In such circumstances, survive only by the most sharp-witted and adapted. The release version of the game, in addition to the sandbox, the first two chapters available scene mode. By the way, one of the characters voiced by David himself Heyter – the voice of Solid Snake in the four parts of the MGS.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel

Developer : by Nihon Falcom
Publisher : XSEED Games is, The Marvelous USA, Inc.
List of platforms: the PC
Good news for fans of Japanese role-playing games – Aug 2 personal computers moved The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel. Especially for the European release of all the dialogues were translated into English, supplemented and made public. And all for the fans of the popular Trails in the Sky did not miss a single scene details in a new chapter of political games Zemuriánskogo continent.


Developer: Fullbright
Publisher: Fullbright
platforms List: the Xbox the One, the PC
On the same day on sale Tacoma – a new project from the famous creators of Gone Home. Once again we face the so-called “walking simulator”, but this time on a high-tech space station. The main character to find out what happened to the crew of a lunar base. But do not expect evil aliens and deadly anomalies. Instead, they will have a generous serving of drama and emotional experiences.

Aven Colony

Developer : Mothership Entertainment’s LLC
Publisher : Team17 the Digital Ltd
List of platforms : the Xbox the One, the PS4, the PC
On August 3, Russia officially withdrew strategy Aven Colony. You have to take control of the first human colony on the planet, located in hundreds of light-years from Earth. To establish infrastructure, take care of the settlers and organize expeditions into the wilds of the New World. Even the planet is beautiful and full of resources, but not always friendly to uninvited guests.