Bugsnax: One of PS5 Starter Titles Coming to Steam in 2023, Authors Prepare Juicy News

Young Horses studio will release a PC version Bugsnax for Steam in 2023. The game already has a page in the store.

The developers noted that they are looking forward to the opportunity to offer their project to a new audience and hinted that this is not all. Later, before the end of the year, some juicy news and mouth-watering surprises await players, which will again make fans pay attention to Bugsnax

Bugsnax is an adventure game with an unpretentious, but at the same time, memorable visual style, the events of which take place on Yummy Island, where bugs live – half insects, half tasty treats. Once on the island, players will have to study everything around in detail, help the local inhabitants and catch a hundred different beetles using a variety of tricks and baits.

Bugsnax was released in November on PS5, PS4 and PC from the Epic Games Store. The owners of the new Sony console were immediately given the game on a PS Plus subscription.

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