Hybrid War in Full swing: Our Experience of World of Tanks: Blitz on Nintendo Switch

The mobile games market in its modern incarnation is quite specific, so not all developers can adapt. This is especially true for large projects that have proven themselves on PC and consoles.

Some companies succeed (Call of Duty: Mobile), while others release Frankenstein’s monster (The Elder Scrolls: Blades). Fortunately, the publishing house Wargaming belongs to the first group.

World of Tanks: Blitz went to iOS and Android back in 2014, and since then it has been ported to PC… And now the mobile version of “Tanks” has reached Nintendo Switch… Such a move looks very reasonable, given the fact that the segment of multiplayer games on the platform is still not very full. And World of Tanks is also a specific product that stands out from others.

What is World of Tanks: Blitz? This is a simplified version of the regular World of Tanks. The main changes affected the gameplay itself, which made it possible to speed up. Instead of 30 units of armored vehicles, only 14 participate in battles, and the size of the cards has been greatly reduced. In addition, tank destroyers operate on the battlefield instead of SPGs.

Graphically, Blitz is more reminiscent of the early versions of World of Tanks, but the game boasts stable performance. And due to crossplay, there are no problems with fast selection of players at all (the Switch version of the Warface shooter suffers from a long search).

The pumping system has also undergone changes. Simplified development of the crew and perks. However, at the same time, a huge tree of tank upgrades remained. The list of factions is also unchanged and includes the USSR, Japan, Germany, USA, Great Britain and so on.
Tanks can be pumped up to Tier X (several hundred samples are available). As for the division of vehicles into classes, you can choose between light, medium and heavy tanks. And as already mentioned above, due to space restrictions, tank destroyers were introduced instead of ACS.

The presented cards are made according to a single sample. These are usually square areas with points of interest in the center. The rules have been preserved: you need to destroy all enemy armored vehicles. The point capture mechanic looks more like a developer’s tool for pulling opposing sides into one point, but it works, given the relatively small size of the levels.

The core of the gameplay hasn’t changed much. It will not work just to shoot at the equipment. It is necessary to take into account the flight speed of the projectiles, select the desired projectile. It is pointless to shoot an enemy tank in the forehead – the armor is too thick. Therefore, you need to look for vulnerable spots, go from the side, shoot at the tracks, immobilizing your opponent, and so on.

Active abilities are also available to players, which can slightly improve life: a fire extinguisher, accelerated reloading, increased tank speed, and more.

Monetization still looks pretty benign. So, buying premium tanks will not automatically make you a god. The fact is that you can buy tanks no higher than Tier VIII, while the maximum in the game is Tier X.

In addition, the game is constantly rewarded with various buns, and you can even get premium access for several days. There are various boosts and so on, but skill is the key. And premium tanks can even hurt. So, the developers provided us with the key to the prototype of the British Chimera tank, which turned out to be simply stupid on the battlefield due to the incredibly long reloading speed of the gun.

Given that the game was developed for mobile devices, the controls were adapted for touch screens. And this creates certain problems. So, it is inconvenient to use the menu from a gamepad, and some interface elements are too small.
In addition, you should immediately go into the settings and change the parameters of the auto-sight, which practically sticks to enemies, which can create uncomfortable situations on the battlefield. However, a nice bonus on Nintendo Switch is the ability to use gyroscope aiming.

You can also scold the tank’s movement system itself. Again, everything was tailored for mobile phones, and with the sticks it becomes problematic to steer the car if you are trying to turn around or reverse.

Over the past year, several large competitive projects have been released on Switch, but even against their background World of Tanks: Blitz doesn’t look like an outsider. Plus, the short session format is great for Nintendo’s hybrid platform, and the sparing monetization doesn’t leave your teeth grinding in rage.

Therefore, the main question remains – when should we wait for the port World of Warships: Blitz?

Author: Vadim Syedin (Vadimeys)

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