High Noon Revolver

In today’s gaming market, it’s becoming easier for small developers to propose their own projects, thanks to markets as large as those on Steam. The title we’re going to talk about today, High Noon Revolver , is a lateral scroll shooter made by Filipino guys from  Mike Studios .
Hunting for sizes
It is a real hell bullet, with the progression mechanics of a side scroll shooter: we will literally be surrounded by enemies and bullets, and any of our mistakes could be fatal. Our heroes will jump, roll and, of course, shoot: each protagonist has a different amount of life, a different type of bullet and a unique special move to use.
The goal of the game is to survive as long as possible or, for the hardest, to get to the final boss by collecting all the sizes of the different bosses; a small business since the little life at our disposal and the total absence of checkpoints will force us to start every time from the beginning, losing all the power-ups collected on the way.
At first we will only have 2 characters, but picking points during our attempts to overcome we will be able to unlock other 4.
High Noon Revolver
The hard law of the West
The two pistols available immediately are Wesley, equipped with revolver and skill as a fast explosive bullet and Chick’n, a chicken that holds a shotgun and possesses the ability to regenerate at each death by sacrificing 1 life span, but only twice before dying definitively. The other 4 are Annie, a sniper with the ability to launch incendiary bombs to automatically scored targets
, Zero, a futuristic character featuring a laser beam and an energy sphere, ready to explode only after suffering a stroke , Fara, equipped with high speed bullets and fast recharging and a unique skill that automatically activates, and finally Skipp, a mech that only has a short sword, but with the ability to reflect the bullets and the ability to teleport to the position where it was a few seconds earlier. They are undoubtedly all characters with th
eir unique and captivating gameplay style; as already mentioned above, they can also be upgraded after surviving and collecting enough coins.
For example, you can allow them to automatically attract coins left by defeated enemies or increase the scope of the weapon. Every shot we shoot will inflict a slight knockback on which we will have to be careful, because our perfect position could be conditioned by it and make us get back on the enemies without having the chance to react on time. The automatic scrolling of the levels, moreover,
The game is therefore incredibly difficult, but despite the constant frustration, the gameplay is so fast and adrenaline that the player wants to immediately try the game, perhaps with a new character.
In case you can make the perfect match, you will find that the game will last for up to one hour of play : there are not many levels and, in pure NES style, have been made in the most difficult way possible to increase the longevity of the game . Another note to note is the ability to play in co-operation with a friend, albeit only locally: there is no online mode.