Neocore Games   returns to the fray with a new title that promises to be, once again, a success among the fans of RPGs. The studio based in Hungary is taking more and more prominence in the independent scene after having already on his back with more than six years of life in which we have brought games like King Arthur, The King’s Crusade or the successful

Cities XXL

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II that went on sale in the month of May 2014. Precisely, the game that concerns us today is a spin-off of this

Lucius II: The Prophecy

universe based on Van Helsing, his name is Deathtrap and after spending a few weeks getting ready thanks users through the platform Early Access on Steam It has gone on sale captivating followers of RPGs and tower defense.

And is that DeathTrap is an almost perfect combination of these two genres, combining the strategy and imagination that we have to use to


defend our strength in tower defense games with elements of titles similar to Diablo, the benchmark of role-playing and action created by Blizzard , all this uniting it with multiplayer possibilities and some ideas of homegrown that fit quite well in a title of this type.

deathtrap_mercenary_01-639x359.jpg Screenshot

The touch of RPGit is noticed very early, since before starting to play DeathTrap we will have to create our own character, choosing one of the three classes at our disposal: the sorceress, who bases her power on magic and remote combat; the mercenary, a brute with powerful melee attacks and the shooter, who combines his ability to fight at a distance with poisons.


Once chosen our favorite class we can start our adventure. If we want we can also create several characters and start the game several times, as in traditional RPGs, all this without losing progress with other characters as the games are saved independently, something logical for another side,

Once created our character we will begin to enjoy the title and all its mechanics in the different maps that we will unlock as we advance through the campaign. The objective of all of them is easy, to protect our dimensional dome so that the waves of monsters that come from a parallel universe called “Ink Heart” can not access our reality.

deathtrap-release-screenshots-001-639x359.jpg Screenshot

deathtrap-traps-04-acid-geyser-mechanical-ground-trap-626x359.jpg Screenshotdeathtrap-traps-03-phoenix-pillar-mystical-tower-trap-626x359.jpg Screenshot

With this simple premise we will be released on the map showing us, with a useful red line, the route that the monsters will follow to try to reach the dome.


Along this route we must put various traps (each one will cost us a certain amount of money that we will recover by killing enemies and at the end of each wave) of fire, poison or other elements, either in the form of turrets or traps on the ground itself , choosing the points that we create most convenient for each occasion.


This is quite interesting, since we will have to plan before each wave of monsters begins, which will be the most useful points to place our defenses, although, nevertheless, it has a somewhat negative side,

deathtrap_artwork_02-263x359.jpg Screenshot

However, unlike other games of this style this time we will be more than strategists, because when the monsters start arriving we will actively participate in the combat using our own weapons and skills to eliminate the e


nemies along with the traps that we have previously placed. This gives the game a much more dynamic air than the similar titles we have seen so far and serves to almost completely erase the small fault that we have spoken few lines ago, as to be an active part of our defense we can focus on fighting with our virtual alter ego in the area most in need of our help,

Once each wave is completed, a new path will be opened for the next group of enemies, but we will also have the possibility to rethink our strategy and reinforce with the virtual money that we have achieved the new areas of the map that our enemies want to access.


When we reach the end of the last wave of each map we will have to face a more powerful enemy that in many occasions has dignified powers and mechanics, once again, of the most classic RPGs and at this moment of the game will be where we most enjoy the one of our character.