Mr. Shifty.

Mr. Shifty easily flow into the weight of gray and secondary indium, flooded spaces Steam. Another arcade game with simple mechanics, unicellular history and a pleasant visual style. But to give a chance to young project studio Team Shifty worth. At least for the reason that after a successfully passed Phase feel incredibly cool guy.

Correctly placed priorities

It can be a long debate about where it ends creative borrowing or tribute to a source of inspiration and plagiarism begins. Someone sees in Mr. Shifty arrangement ideas Hotline Miami , rare player will remember Warp five years ago. We also come to mind quite another product.

Remember the opening scene of “X2” , which Nightcrawler rushed to the White House? So, the developers have actually made it interactive embodied in three to four hours long. The protagonist seems even dressed: long raincoat and a cap on his head. Is that the tail is missing.

The main character – Mr. shift – a professional thief. Like his prototype, the blue-skinned mutant, he breaks into a building stuffed with traps and infested protection.

Only goal – not to kill the president, and the theft of a “Mega plutonium.” And we have not forgotten contraption scientific name of the device, just the scenario of the game deliberately template. Villainous villain – in place to help remotely workmate – is, silly dialogue – just like composing in elementary school. History has one sole purpose: to somehow justify what is happening on the screen.

Mr. Shifty focused on the action. It is based on a fairly simple gameplay mechanics: Teleport a short distance. Hero is dissolved in a dark mist, and materializes a few meters ahead. With the help of this method will deal with an army of mercenaries and solve some simple puzzles.

The game is perfectly described by the phrase: "click-click, who on the newcomer, click-click, gotovenkogo blowin '.The game is perfectly described by the phrase: “click-click, who on the newcomer, click-click, gotovenkogo blowin ‘.

Most opponents are armed, so the main task – to successfully dodge the way. The protagonist does not possess tenacity and sent to the top level obtained after the first bullet in the jaw or hook. It is good that the control points are placed at each transition between locations.

Fights swift and short, so even after a dozen failures, that the complexity of the local norm, pereprohodit arena does not get boring.

Sam shift some reason refuses to take up firearms, preferring the good old assault. The combat system is simple as two pennies: bash one button and watch as your opponents are sent to a knockout. Despite its simplicity, the fight here is very nice.

The fact that the blows felt fine, and their sound design brings to mind the films of Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris young. By your mighty fists enemies scatter in all directions, pierce the bodies of cabinets, tables and windows. After the battle, a decent office turns into a pile of trash and shell-shocked warriors.

In the rare moments it manages to use the environment to your advantage.In the rare moments it manages to use the environment to your advantage.

Ultimately, all Mr. Shifty and consists of a sequence of jumps and bumps: dodged bullets, the enemy moved behind his back, was sent to flight two butting – repeat until victory. No pumping, gather collectibles and puzzles, built on physics. Maximum – knock out the generator accurate throw to turn off the laser protection. Developers entirely focused on one idea and perfected it to a shine.

The game will be enjoyed by lovers of fast gameplay. Yes, even if the process is plain, but the drive he does not hold: in order to survive, the arena will be worn like crazy. It should be drawn, and what is happening begins aesthetically pleasing. Visually Mr. Shifty is not very impressive, but it looks very neat: cel-shading smoothes the technical imperfection of the project, smooth animation, destructible environments and adds liveliness picture. It is a pity that the interior design very very faint went out to catch the eye not for that.

What an awkward situation ...What an awkward situation …

Action came to a pleasant level of sensations. The problem is that it takes place in the same office and did not develop. The authors seem to be afraid to occasionally change the rules because of which some may be tired of the mechanics of even three hours. Sometimes creators throw up new enemies, but they differ in the main rate of fire. In some sections taken the opportunity to teleport. A number of game situations even well directed by. Still, the action suffers from a lack of diversity.

However, Mr. Shifty leaves a pleasant aftertaste. When the hero steps over a hundred mercenaries defeated, it comes from the diversity in the dust of the room to the elevator, where the music changes with the dynamic electronics soothing lounge, you feel really cool. And for the sake of feeling the game should be given a chance.