Heroes of the Storm 2.0

Over the last few weeks we had anticipated the arrival of Cassia, who then we also told you in our special, but the new heroes of Heroes of the Stormthey do not stop there because the Overwatch universe is time to welcome Genji. It is another assassin ranger, just like Cassia, but will be the first cyber ninja of the Blizzard’s MOBA full roster. The youngest scammer of Shimada clan, Genji had been killed by his own brother after refusing to take part in an illegal activity; however, his spirit was incorporated into a cybernetic body and has since started to fight for what it’s right. From its Genji has a Trait based on Cyber-agility, which allows it to jump immediately into the selected area.

The basic skills from her are all very closely linked to the classic actions of a ninja, starting with the shuriken: three bow throats that inflict damage on the first enemy they can hit. Immediately after the Diversion comes, which will allow you to make it invulnerable (as it did for Medivh, for example) Genji for 1.25 seconds: all damage that is blocked in this timeframe allow the ninja to launch a kunai to the nearest enemy, hero.

With Quick Assault, finally, Genji takes a step forward, succeeding in inflicting damage to enemies by following a straight line: it is a long range quick shot, which will also help you wage battles with enemies not too close, and if your opponents hit with such an assault being dying within 2 seconds, the Quick Recovery time will also be reset to allow you to create a deadly fleeting combination of quick approaches.

This means that at least you initially attack the minions, then bring the any lethal attack on a hero, so as to accumulate as much recovery as possible of other abilities. Ending the basic skills let us analyze the heroic ones, starting with the Dragonblade, a close blow based on the ability to catch the Dragon Sword for 8 seconds: activating the skill will push you to have a forward impetus and hit the enemies in a wide bow .

With X-Strike, however, it will be possible to inflict two blasts exploding with a lag of 1.25 seconds, inflicting additional damage also to all enemies in the surrounding area.

All of these skills make Genji a very complex character to use, for which it will be important to decide the strategy and the timing of the attack so that you can always have a combo ready to use thanks to ‘ Resetting the wait: It is to be said that during our trial, in the few attempts granted to the cyber ninja, we did not find an immediate ease in understanding the mechanics of the character.

If Cassia had seemed much more immediate then, Genji seems to be much more oriented towards the philosophy that is typical of Heroes of the Storm : easy to play, but difficult to master, which can only go to the advantage of more experienced players. Challenge to Hanamura Today’s novelties, however, do not stop here, because Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm 2.0

it also has a completely different battleground, which we anticipated in introducing to this hands on: this is Hanamura, which also introduces a completely different way of handling the clashes in the field.

The experience Blizzard has created is different from what we expected, because this time, our goal is to drive payloads in a safe way so that they can shoot at the core of our opponent: Hanaruma, in fact, nuclei can not be directly affected, so forget about line layout, assault against enemy fortresses, unbridled shots at the barricades, and attempts to get the best on opposing structures.

We will only be called to escort our payload throughout its journey and, of course, as it happens inOverwatch, to push it all the way: our load will only advance if there is a hero next to it and consequently increase its speed depending on how many heroes are next to it. The more you will be and the easier you will drive the cargo to the last destination.