“Human Wrath” topped the top views of “KinoPoisk HD” in June – Igromania

“KinoPoisk HD” spoke about the top views among films and TV series in June – he was headed by “Human anger” Guy Ritchie.

The service counts “viewing” if users have watched the project for more than 2 minutes. According to the site, in 12 days on the service, the tape with Jason Statham included more than 780 thousand subscribers, and the film once again pushed a surge in popularity “Gentlemen”

In the second place of the top is the animated series Rick and Morty“, Which recently premiered its fifth season. The third position is the service’s own series, “Food block”, which recently came to the finale – the project recently entered the top three most discussed Russian shows in the spring.

Among the new products in the top was the continuation “The Croods”, comedy “Knights of Justice” with Mads Mikkelsen, drama “Great” with Johnny Depp and a number of other projects. There was even a sequel on the list. “Quiet place”, thanks to the fact that it is now in theaters.

The finals of several TV series also made it to the top, including “Manifesto” (which was recently closed), “Good doctor“, “Mediator” and “The Handmaid’s Tale”… In addition, they have not lost their popularity once again. Friends, Fast and Furious and “Harry Potter”

Top films and TV series for June:

  1. “Human anger” (new)
  2. “Rick and Morty”
  3. “Food block”
  4. “Mediator”
  5. Major Thunder: The Plague Doctor
  6. The Croods: Housewarming (new)
  7. Knights of Justice (new)
  8. “Great” (new)
  9. The Handmaid’s Tale
  10. “Quiet place” (new)
  11. Friends (all seasons and Friends: Reunion)
  12. “Gentlemen”
  13. Fast and Furious (seven films)
  14. Harry Potter (entire episode)
  15. “Good Doctor”
  16. “Manifesto”
  17. “100 thousand minutes together” (new)
  18. Ghost (new)
  19. “The devil is in the details” (new)
  20. “Extreme Space” (new).

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