Halo Wars 2

“His Name Is Atriox.”
The events narrated in the game take place in 2559, shortly after Halo 5: Guardiansand twenty-eight years after the success of the first Halo Wars . Serina, the AI ​​in the first chapter, after several years of service decides to quit to avoid entering rampancy , as happened to several old-fashioned characters for all Halo fans, such as Guilty Spark, Mendicant Bias or the well-known Cortana.
 No one has anymore news of the Spirit Of Fire, which is in the vicinity of the Ark. A giant external structure to any known solar system, built b
y precursors to favor the creation of the Halo, the weapon designed to extinguish life in the galaxy in an attempt to defeat the floods. The for
erunners, aware of their role as “Custodians of Life”, built up also refugium, small ecosystems with samples of all species that would have been destroyed by the Halo, which would then allow repopulating the wor
lds of the galaxy once the war ended. All this contributes to giving the game a fascinating setting with heterogeneous landscapes, exalted by the absolute quality of the artistic direction of the game. So, after twenty-eight years in cryogenic stature, the cre
w of Spirit Of Fire awakens after the arrival of a mysterious request for help. Captain Cutter decides to send the Spartan Jerome-092 and the red team to investigate the origin of the signal: a new IA comes into play, Isabel explain
ing a bit of what has happened in the last twenty years, confirming the end of the war between Covenant. This also tells us about Atriox, a brute (pJiralhanae to say hello ) ascended to power thanks to his tenacity, able to start a rebirth for his own species. He is one of the few warriors who did not bend to the lies of the Great Journey and, with his rebellion, he even managed t
o inspire some Sangheili . In Halo Wars 2 you will be able to fight alongside two races that have never managed to have a big “relationship”, especially after the Halo 2 events . Atrio and his Banished Army(“Exiled” in Italian) is flanked by two commanders, De
cimus and Let ‘Volir. While presenting a fascinating narrative backgorund, it leaves the bitterness in the mouth to notice how in the
course of the adventure this character is never really deepened, or rather, not in the way it would have been legitimate to expect. However, the narrative plot is still of a good standard and also enjoyable for those who have never been partic
ularly interested in the famous Microsoft franchise. 343 Industries and Creative Assembly have worked to try to give players an extremely enjoyable RTS campaign for everyone, Halo fansor not, such experts or beginners, going to resume and widen the base of the first chapter, deepening some mechanics and fixing the errors. For example, one of the problems that afflicte
d the first Halo Warswas to be searched for in the small variety of much of the countryside, but we can assure you that in this sequel you will have to worry about it: you will have to move quickly with specific vehicles, survive various waves in res
tricted or very large playing fields, or even bring a small team of snipers to face slowly whole group of enemies. To give more variety, adding a good amount of challenge, there are countless secondary goals that will push you to rewrite the sam
e mission several times. Nothing is left to chance but we do not go further, because although we are not dealing with details of the plot, we would not want to anticipate anything you face. Halo Wars 2is able to achieve its own brilliance especially in
the second part of the campaign, where the setting gives the best of itself and where finally it is possible to appreciate some choices of gameplay, the new units and a particular care to the retail. The campaign, in fact, strangely shows the side in th
e first part of the game, presenting some missions not very inspired and different unimpressive goals. Nothing exaggeratedly serious, but it would have been enough to prevent this departure from being slightly overwhelmed.
The campaign, however, still stands on a very good overall level and will be able to entertain you well in the twelve missions that compose it.The IA shows steady steps ahead of the previous chapter, and already in normal difficulty will suc
ceed in giving you a twisted wire; if you are such great experts, however, we invite you to select Erotic mode right away. Finally let’s say that some of the collectibles can be collected within the game, which will come up with a diary full of explanations and details on the specific plot of Halo Wars 2 and the entire Halo universe .