God of War 2018 Review

God of War  2018 leaves behind many old fans – fans of the same simple slasher about the evil bald guy who tear off the heads of the Greek gods.

In the series there was always a deep lor and a well-written drama, but the game did not stick out these elements, and therefore they did not remember them either.

God of War gave birth to a whole slasher direction – the Western ( Castlevania: Lords of Shadow , Darksiders: Warmastered Edition ), which was placed across the Japanese ( Devil May Cry , Bayonetta ) representatives of the genre.

The Japanese need to cram combinations and reconcile timings.

All the entertainment is packed into incredibly mannered, complex choreography and anime-bold cut-scenes.

And in God of War 2018, everything is not right – here, of course, you can and combo.

But it is enough to learn a couple of particularly convenient and powerful bundles, and then do not particularly sweat.

Just picking up the pace of the bloody meat grinder.

And the entertainment was of a different kind – the most mundane cruel reprisals: torn mouths, stone-stained heads and other violent tin.


Is this all in the new God of War? Yes, but only partially, she nevertheless became more accurate and clever, on the way turning into the successor Darksiders , which itself once grew out of the clone God of War.

This is such a fun continuity.


God of War is a deep story game. It is focused on its heroes and their history is much stronger than before.

This time, we do not have a massacre of another pantheon.

But a melancholy journey through a cold, unfamiliar and unfriendly world.

Travel personal – who fled to the north Kratos with his son Atreus goes to the highest mountain to dispel the ashes of the deceased wife.

Of course, this is an excuse to show the progression of the father-son relationship and reveal new sides in the character of the old hero.

The types are as incompatible as possible: a naive bright child and a ruthless cold-blooded killer, hiding his true nature.

And in fact he hides not only the essence, but also the truth about his past – Atreus does not know that he is the son of a god.

He does not know where his father came from, what he ran and what he managed to accomplish.

This is an important point, because around him, writers are talented to build a common plot tension.


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Heroes go through all the expected stages: a disappointed child in the child;

A child trying to meet his own father’s standards and losing hope; quarrels, disobedience – all in the end leads to understanding and acceptance of each other.

Yes, it begs a comparison with The Last of Us , but it hurts too much in the games circumstances.

So it’s hard to say where progress is shown better – it’s impossible.

The emotional connection of the characters grows steadily and gradually, Atrei slowly turns into a warrior, worthy of its pedigree.

In the final of God of War you will see really other heroes. “Do not be like me, be better,” says Kratos to Atreus, but the Spartan himself becomes better.

Apparently, all this time he did not have enough man for whose sake it would be possible to change.

Even fascinating to watch how Kratos breaks and becomes more humane-especially in numerous dialogs-goes from monosyllabic rude statements to frank conversations for life with his son and instructive fables.

Yes, Kratos in God of War 2018 will tell a fable.

And yes, the game has a lot of dialogues – it helps to revive both the characters and the situation.

Kratos and Atreus constantly discuss everything, and from a certain moment their companion will be Mimir.

The cleverest of the people. He will be the source of constant jokes and a guide to the world of Scandinavian mythology – he will tell a ton of stories and myths.

He will acquaint with dozens of characters and make it interesting .

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And if there were not seven old ones before the new God of War – who instilled in us the image of the impenetrable stone monster-Kratos – his transformation in the new game would not be so significant.

His concern for his son would not be so punchy. That’s why God of War 2018 is still a continuation, not a restart.

The image of the old Kratos constantly flashes in the head, constantly involuntarily comparing it with the new one.

Every time Kratos can not decide on another heart-to-heart talk with his son.

Every time he wants to embrace him, but awkwardly withdraws, every time he tears and gets off his feet running to save his child.

The problem here is exactly the same as with pumping – the lack of motivation. Throw an ax, for example, is absolutely an imbecile thing, which you can hastily pick up almost any opponent.

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God of War 2018 is a very nice, tactile game when it comes to fights.

The game can show incredibly steep, spectacular battles.

A real battle dance, in which every movement is reconciled and no opportunity is missed.

But only if you yourself want it – do not be too lazy to memorize all the techniques, strokes, combinations and subtleties.

And it’s not so simple, believe me: closer to the end of the game buttons.

Their combinations involved so much that the game begins to resemble the same Bayonetta – not at all casually. If you need it.

The game in general is beautiful, it is not just the popular mechanics of popular competitors and nudged Kratos on the forehead, but used them with talent and with a sense of proportion.


Its main problem is not even smaller scale and not in depleted rivers of blood (cruelty has really become much smaller), but in some infantilism.

In reluctance to fully integrate new cogs into the basic mechanics.


Here’s a lego-machine and a bag of details – you can use them to turn the machine into a tank.

If you want, we do not impose! Too desperately the developers are trying to please everyone.

Like from the roots they left far away, but they do not want to jump into the pool either.

Right now God of War 2018 looks like a very high quality prototype.