Let’s dance, boys!

In Bayonetta is nothing usual – probably why it is so attractive. This is the same Japanese hell (one of the best of its representatives!), From which some turn up his nose in disgust, others squeal in delight. Devil May Cry influence felt, but where now, this is the Devil May Cry?

New times produce new heroes and Cerezo appeared just before the rise of the movement always something offended by Western activists: they do not like it, they will remove, and Bayonetta – all the horror, shame you can not do that, too unrealistic.

Review of Bayonetta
Soon, life in a quiet and beautiful fictional European town will score the key!

Unfortunately, flirtatious witch dressed in a skin-tight suit with a secret , was not particularly successful: despite the fact that this game was absolutely gorgeous, her gorgeous as a sequel could not be born without the help of the Nintendo, and on Wii U Bayonetta 2, it seems to be a hit not. Sometimes life just is not fair …

I would really like to see a new release of Bayonetta, which will squeeze out of modern hardware (even the console) high, but you have to be content with little: the original Bayonetta port on the PC. Introducing a new version of the past with great pleasure, although this is not my first encounter with a long-haired version of the witches (though her image as the image of her friend in Bayonetta 2 is clearly more successful): I played once in Bayonetta on the Xbox 360 and – on the occasion of the release of the sequel – on the Wii U.

Review of Bayonetta
Successfully dodging an attack, the heroine slows time. This technique is necessary to master without fail.

It is no secret that the three-dimensional games are often quite shocking age. Careful “flat” image of some Heroes of Might and Magic 3 pleasing to the eye, many years later, while the other shooters or racing for a couple of years out of date. And what about in 2017 looks PC-version of Bayonetta, originally released in Japan for consoles back in 2009?

It makes no sense to play the hypocrite: Of course, it is clear that this game is not new. But now Steam is so cluttered that against the background of most of these new products using a PC (and even consoles) Bayonetta looks almost fresh AAA-hit. Wrinkles – this is normal, but the sassy lady holding so confident that sometimes you can forget that it (the real world) for about 8 years.

Review of Bayonetta
A special reception will allow instantly deal with the majority of enemies. Bayonetta have an individual approach to each enemy type.

She would not have produced such a favorable impression, not whether the game itself is so insane. There is no hateful routine – only extravagance, multiplied by the elegance of the heroine. Every movement, every angle reconciled to the millimeter.

Devil manages simultaneously with one foot kicking the parties, and the other – to prescribe some pretzels. The girl with the character, even though its age is measured in centuries, and still and tries to whirl on something like a stripper on a pole. And conventional lever pulls it so that purists may have a heart attack.

Sex, of course, Sells, but if all of Bayonetta came down to sophisticated antics leggy witch, the game would be frankly boring.

The right word is much more candid goodness on the Internet in bulk – and interactive and non-interactive. The names of these vulgar and the same type of work no one will remember (or pretended not to remember) and Bayonetta almost immediately after its release became one of the most important decade of games.

Review of Bayonetta
If the heroine hair streamed upward, then someone will soon be very bad.