Patience of the fans of The Last of Us and other novelties in What’s Up October 8-14

News of the week
We are immediately open with news from the fans of the Life is Strange series , as the second episode of the spin-off Before The Storm  has a release date. If you want to follow Chloe and Rachel on their new trip, the appointment was scheduled for October 19 . We remember that the game takes place three years before the events of the original Life is Strange , when Chloe was still sixteen.

We also talk about a theme that has stirred up many controversy in the past few days, as users report that the end-game of Middle-earth: War Shadow  can end more quickly by purchasing loot boxes through real money microtances . According to the user and several discussions that triggered on NeoGAF , this is an extremely unpleasant choice by the developer, which would then relate the speed of access to the end of the game to the likelihood of being willing to spend more money. At this time, we expect a Warner Bros. response to these controversy that inflames the web.


Meanwhile, network gamers have found a success in FIFA 18 : at the exit of the game, they found that the FUT online seasons or the FUT Online Draft had been removed in the game, playing in co- op with another user. After prompting the re-entry of this feature, the fans got a negative response from EA.

Nonetheless, they did not let go of discomfort and they launched a petition and an official hashtag, proving the publisher was so many. The result was that EA came back on his footsteps and that the guest play was reinstated , even though the company had explained that he did not want to include it because the 2v1 competing matches were overly unbalanced.


Since we talked about loot box, it is worth pointing out that Ubisoft wanted to clarify the role that they will have in his Assassin’s Creed Origins , after some feared they might be destined for real money purchase. These boxers with in-game bonus content, on the other hand, will only be available through the virtual currency Bayek will hold , which will be played. In short, forget about trying to bring them home by spending your euros.

Meanwhile, let’s remember that it was officially confirmed that the game will be able to count on a Photo Mode that our trips to the Discovery Tour documentary will be accompanied by a narrative voice and there will be several content, including extra challenges, which will be released for free after launch . Two, instead, the DLC, one expected in January and the other in March .


In the week we found ourselves talking about The Last of Us – Part II , for which there seems to be quite a bit to wait for. To understand this is the words of the composer of the play, Gustavo Santaolalla, who during an interview revealed that Naughty Dog counts to finish the works during 2019 – a motif for which it is reasonable to expect a date or the same year , or the next one. Given the time of development, we are confident that the team will do its utmost to offer Joel and Ellie fans a return to their expectations. We at SpazioGames will always update you with the latest news, so keep an eye on our site and our YouTube channel.

We also talk about Fable ‘s future , which according to a former employee of Lionhead’s studio, Adam Langridge, is not just roses and flowers. According to the developer, it is hard to imagine that there may be another episode in the future, he was dealing with the series was definitely closed. According to Langridge, even if it was decided to entrust the development to someone else, it would be difficult to replicate the atmospheres and features of the original games that were permeated by the personalities and visions of the previous team. We look forward to finding out if some software house will be going to pick up the challenge or not.