Darksiders: Warmastered Edition

In Darksiders was a continuation, whose reissue came out on modern consoles last year. Release of the second half without first looked strange idea, so now publisher THQ Nordic healed by awarding “remaster” of the original silly subtitle Warmastered Edition .

The main hero of the original – War, one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. He was accused of inciting conflict between Heaven and Hell, and that because of it the world began end of the world. Condemned to death, the hero asks the Council to give him another chance, and his request to carry out, the charge to him an observer, ready to kill the rider in the event of breach of contract.

Returning, War discovers that it has been over a hundred years, humanity is completely destroyed, and the forces of evil were victorious, leaving alive only one angelic legion.

The beauty of Darksidersthat is the slasher with elements of the study, but because such outdated gameplay failed even after many years. Hero visited new locations, monsters cuts, seeking the secrets and goes further, encountering on the way more and more dangerous opponents.

His main weapon – a sword, with which he beautifully shreds evil, and later accumulated impact energy allows the War significantly increase in size and cause awesome damage. Over time, it becomes available to other weapons, including throwing, and each of them are connected some unique combos.

The game resembles an animated comic, but it has no cel shading as in The Walking Dead and Borderlands. In reprinting obviously we tried to keep this style, so if you increase the resolution up to 1080p appearance does not hurt.

On the contrary – there is so much work done on the lighting, shadows and effects, which is almost seven years old the game is not there.

Probably do better was hardly possible – here even frame rate increased to the level of 60, which not all authors are making reprints.

The bigger the opponent, the more we have to use jerk and put a block.


Lone Wanderer

Therefore, in whatever battle or a player involved, no matter what location or studied and whatever secrets are, feeling that to him “some junk” will not arise. For seven years the gaming industry – a huge time: just compare the Assassin’s Creed II and Syndicate .

But if the game is visually unique, and in the genre during this time did not come up with almost nothing new, age does not interfere with the pleasure to pass such a fighter, even a decade later. In Darksiders

and combo a lot, and weapons, and hidden chests, and the types of opponents – if you just pulled into the gameplay, it will be difficult to break away.

By pushing and constant feeling of progress – war quickly exploring additional methods and new ways of killing the undead gains a trader for the souls of slain monsters. A considerable number of souls can be found in hidden chests, but most of it was issued during the fights. In the battles and handy all the skills of the hero, however, their use is wasted fury that is replenished very slowly.

Adding to its arsenal of combos and studied, the character can then return to the already bare locations and punch the way to the secrets of the missing – to destroy blue crystals, for example, he taught not immediately.

To reissue there are some claims that are likely to be corrected patch. Firstly, on the PS4 in some cut scenes sound lags behind what is happening on the screen.

At first it seemed that this happens only in the introduction, as after that a long time had no such problems. However, at some point defect climbed again. What is strange, some holders of the version for PS4 say that nothing had never noticed.