Well, nothing. All these years, the game worked best minds studio MOTIGA , nestled under the wing of the publisher the Perfect World . Despite the funny name for a Russian ear the professionals working in it. For instance, the chief designer of Gigantic , Dzheyms Finni (James Phinney), was marked by the work on StarCraft and of Guild Wars .

And this is not the case when the new studio is trying to leave for others, hiring an assistant junior tester of a large company, then to write in large letters, he was preparing to release the “economic simulator from Half-Life developer” . Over two stellar plays James worked as a Lead Designer – uncle something so understands how to make games.

The game is not only animals, but also the little girls.The game is not only animals, but also the little girls.
The first beta testers have seen Gigantic for a long time. Now it is available for PC and Xbox One, so if you can not wait to yourself to find out what lies behind the mysterious description Strategic Hero Shooter ™ , you can no longer spend their time, and follow the link . The rest try to explain on the fingers.

Gigantic – an arena-shooter in which you need to choose a hero to taste (there are currently as many as 18 pieces submitted) and compete in team PvP-game 5 on 5 with the opposing team.

For useful action on the battlefield hero gets experience points and on the move pumps active skills: the four main used on cooldown, and one that requires charging, which here is called the Focus .

Each of skill can pump twice, on the fly by selecting one of two possible pumping variants of the same character can pump both strong “dps”, and in a support. Or even more interesting: for example, one embodiment of pumping a little girl with a big sword – ranged fighter. How? It just starts shooting from the sword.

But we are not in vain mentioned MOBA genre at the beginning of this text. The goal of the game here – not to kill as many enemies, and one specific.

The role of the Nexus (the main base of the enemy in the League of Legends – editor’s note) in Gigantic perform Guardian: Big bird and a big snake, which are in place in a conventional fight not participate. After the command to feed his Gardianu a sufficient number of showers fighters from the opposing team, he will go into battle and overthrow his enemy to the ground, revealing the players access to its vulnerabilities.

At this point, the heroes have to pull hard and pour in to a sufficient amount of the damage for a limited time. The defending team is in such moments usually spared no arsenal, filling all the attackers accumulated Ulta, because the Guardian killing marks the end of the game.

 The dog may look menacing, but it will still need to be protected.The dog may look menacing, but it will still need to be protected.

In one approach a giant beast dies, so the team after a successful attack would require at least one more time to repeat this step to consolidate the results. But this victory is a little mini-map changing geography of where a crumbling walls, where something new passages open.

All this must be taken note of, because the local arena, you can run around in just a minute, and each new passage increases the chance to discover the enemy at his back. A particularly dangerous characters may well chop medium-sized goal for a few seconds, so that the game has no time to look around.

Heroes Gigantic much, and locations – not very. Now available in all three cards. Despite the fact that they are all very different, a pair of fights enough to fully explore them. But given that a rare fight lasts less than 20 minutes, this is just enough to have a fun evening and forget about the game until the next day.

No seriously. Fighting in Gigantic very fast. It is promoted as the small size of the map, and the fact that almost all the characters are able to either shoot or instantly reduce the distance to the target.

And if deer archer Voden will slowly thrust in your jib, the small assassin Tripp will carry half the scale of health before you have time to react to an attack. Colorful graphics adds confusion to the process: when everyone around exploding, flying meteorites and the Guardian, even his character is sometimes hard to find in this mess.

The game can even be a four-legged shaman fire.The game can even be a four-legged shaman fire.

On the battlefield, there is a place for love: at certain points of the map can be and should be planted allied creatures.

They will either heal allies, or follow the enemy, or to build walls that prevent the movement of the enemy. They are not vulnerable, but in the later stages of the game are very weak, even if they are pumped through their glasses concentrations (those which are necessary for the ultimates of use).

There is no need to protect because their souls, too, are suitable as feed for the Guardian.

Separately, I want to praise music and appearance. With a light, cartoon, visual style developers have got to the point: all these animal-looks very nice, even though the tech graphics the game can not boast – a lot of experience as chief designer James Feeney makes itself felt.

All the characters are drawn very stylish and GIFCA with man-owl even sold on the internet after the first presentation of a trailer of the game. In this case, it runs at a decent resolution with a stable FPS even on iron your grandmother. Fantasy and bombastic soundtrack perfectly complements what is happening on the screen. Listen to it, you can here .

If you (like us) have successfully forgotten Gigantic after closing the video with the trailer of the game, but at the same time enjoy MOBA or arena-shooter, this project can be a great way for you to kill, not one night of his life.

Oh, the fashion for “mobs” … Due to the success themselves know which games, MOBA-shooters seriously pushed the classic MOBA on the video game market. And we, for example, very much like League of Legends and Overwatch. And you do a play in some “mob”?