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Youimiya is a good companion for heroes who rely on elemental reactions.

A kind of “sniper” among other damage-dealing characters, Yeimiya, although he won’t beat Hu Tao or Xiao in terms of damage per second, will still be a valuable asset for the team. Excellent damage to single targets allows her to destroy bosses in seconds and quickly pass those levels of the Twisted Abyss, where you need to overwhelm a couple of opponents with huge HP. And the ability to frequently impose Pyro on enemies will make Yoimiyu a good companion for heroes who rely on elemental reactions.

Youimii’s strengths and weaknesses


  • Fast basic attacks that deal a lot of damage from a safe distance.
  • Very good against single enemies.
  • Ulta buffs the attack of other members of the squad.
  • Under certain conditions, it can spam with the ultimate due to its low energy cost.
  • Her ultimate, when a marked enemy dies, jumps to another, even if he was far enough away.
  • Returns some of the materials when creating decor items in the Teapot of Serenity.


  • Auto-aiming of basic attacks does not always aim at the desired enemy.
  • Not very effective against groups of opponents.
  • Ulta does not give a buff to Yoimii’s own attack.
  • The best set of artifacts for Yoimiya prevents him from using his ult often.

Youimii’s Abilities

Guide: Genshin Impact - Youimiya. Best builds, weapons, artifacts

Youimiya is mainly used as the main damage dealer at the time of release. But it is quite possible that later, after the release of new characters, she will have other roles. Therefore, we download the main attacks first, then the “eshku” and only then the ult.

Main Attack – Flash of Fireworks

Normal attack – up to five archery shots.

Charged attack – More accurate aimed shot with increased damage. Flame builds up on the arrowhead while aiming. The effect depends on the duration of the arrow’s charge.

  • Charge level 1: fires a fiery arrow that deals damage to Pyro.
  • Charge level 2: fires up to 3 Incendiary Arrows depending on the duration of the charge. Incendiary arrows automatically aim at the nearest target and inflict damage to Pyro when they hit.

Attack in the fall – Launches a hail of arrows in the air, which, upon landing, inflict area damage.

Elemental Skill – Nivabi Fire Dance

Youimiya waves a niwabi and surrounds himself with a ring of burning saltpeter.

While the skill is active, arrows fired by Yoimii’s normal attack become Incendiary arrows, and their damage is increased and converted to Pyro damage. However, the second level of charge of a normal attack A flash of fireworks will not generate Incendiary Arrows. This effect ends when Youimiya leaves the fight.

Elemental explosion (ulta) – Saxifrage Ryukin

Youimiya takes to the air with his invention Saxifrage Ryukin, which launches flaming rockets full of surprises and inflicts area damage on Pyro, marking one of the hit enemies Golden shine for 10 seconds.

Golden shine

Normal Attacks, Charged Attacks, Falling Attacks, Elemental Skills, and Elemental Explosions of any party member other than Yimii, hitting the marked Golden shine of the enemy, cause explosions that inflict area damage on Pyro.

If the enemy marked Golden shine, dies while the skill is active, the effect and its remaining duration are transferred to another nearby enemy.

Every 2 sec. only one explosion can occur Of golden shine… If Youimiya dies in combat, the effects Of golden shinecaused by her skill will cease to work.

Passive skills

  1. Order breaker tricks – during the skill Fire dance of Nivabi Yoimii’s hits with normal attacks will increase her Pyro damage bonus by 2%. This effect lasts for 3 seconds. and can be folded up to 10 times.
  2. Summer dawn – use of skill Saxifrage Ryukin increases the attack power of nearby party members (except Yimii) by 10% for 15 seconds. Available at the time of activation of the skill Saxifrage Ryukin folding levels “Tricks of the troublemaker” Youimii additionally increase their attack damage bonus. Each level increases the attack power bonus by 1%.
  3. Burning match – when creating decorative elements such as “decoration”, “decoration” and “landscape” has a 100% chance to restore some of the used materials.

The best constellations for Yoimii

Guide: Genshin Impact - Youimiya. Best builds, weapons, artifacts

This item is intended only for those who are ready to invest money in the game in order to gain constellations from the characters. But let’s say right away: unlike, for example, Bennett or Xiao, Youimiya does not need constellations to fully reveal his potential. Nevertheless, many of them significantly improve its parameters.

The first two constellations look the most attractive: they have a lot of benefits, and their location at the very beginning of the chain allows you to spend not so much money on them. The first gives a huge buff to Yoimii’s attack power when defeating the enemy on which her ult hangs. It also extends the duration of the ultimate, which gives us two additional explosions Of golden shine

The second constellation greatly increases Yoimii’s damage output. Moreover, the constellation effect can work even when the heroine is “in the pocket” – all thanks to the explosions of the ult. If you have reached this constellation level, before using the ultimate, try to knock out the crit of one of the previous Pyro attacks in order to get a buff of + 25% Pyro damage.

The fourth constellation is underestimated by many players, but it will allow you to very quickly roll back “Yeshka”, which will reduce the waiting time until the next series of Yimii’s fire shots and speed up the damage cycle. But there is no special sense in chasing this constellation: we have three more heroes in our team with their own skills, and in 8 seconds of downtime between Yoimii’s “eshkas” you will surely have something to do.

The last constellation looks very powerful, but the path that you have to go to it will cost you dearly. The chance of additional shots under the “eshka” is a very serious increase in damage per second.

  1. Agate Ryukin. Duration Explosion of golden radiancecaused by skill Saxifrage Ryukin, increased by 4 sec. Also, defeating an enemy under the effect of Golden Radiance Burst during the duration of this effect increases Yimii’s attack power by 20% for 20 seconds.
  2. Procession of a thousand lights. Crete. Pyro’s hit with Yimii’s damage grants her 25% Pyro’s damage bonus for 6 seconds. This effect can be activated even when Youimiya is not the active character.
  3. Stuntman’s flame. Increases skill level Fire dance of Nivabi by 3. Max. lvl .: 15.
  4. Professional pyrotechnician. When Explosion of golden glow Youimii Summons Explosion, Skill Cooldown Fire dance of Nivabi decreases by 1.2 sec.
  5. Summer Festival Eve. Increases skill level Saxifrage Ryukin by 3. Max. lvl .: 15.
  6. The shooting stars of Naganohara. During the skill Fire dance of Nivabi Youimii’s normal attacks have a 50% chance to fire an additional incendiary arrow that deals 60% of the initial damage. This damage counts as normal attack damage.

How to play as Yoimiya

Guide: Genshin Impact - Youimiya. Best builds, weapons, artifacts
Playing for Yoimiya is a bit like playing for Tartaglia. The cycle of switching between characters in the party is based on her “yeshki”, which includes an infusion of Pyro for Yimiya’s basic attacks. The infusion lasts 10 seconds (all this time it is advisable to keep the heroine on the field), 18 rolls back, that is, the break will be 8 seconds (up to C4). In this window, we just build in the use of the rest of the heroes in the team. There are several options for the order in which skills are used.

The first and most common (if you are not using a set Memories of Shimenawa): we will push through all the support ults, then Yimii’s ult, and after it “eshku”. Supports inflict damage “out of pocket” and produce Explosions of Golden Radiance (remember, Yimiya herself cannot activate them), while Yimiya shoots Pyro with attacks from advancing enemies.

Option two: equipping Yoimiya with a set Memories of Shimenawa, you will be forced to first use the “eshka”, and then the ultimate, because the strengthening from four pieces of the set requires the absorption of 15 units of energy (more on this below). The set itself will reduce the frequency of using Yoimiya’s ultimate, but Bennett, with his fast elemental skill cooldown, can become a “battery” for her. Hit the enemies with Bennett’s eshka, quickly switch to Yoimiya and catch elemental particles. Thus, it will be possible to proc the effect of the set, and quite often use the ult.

Thanks to passive Order breaker tricks each shot of Yoimiya during the action of “yeshki” gives her a buff of + 2% pyro damage; buffs stack up to 10 times, the duration of each is 3 seconds. It is very important to remember this when using the ultimate: stacks will increase the damage of the ultimate itself, and also (thanks to the second passive Summer dawn) will give another + 1% attack power to the rest of the heroes in the party for each stack in addition to the base + 10%. Thus, you can bring the total bonus up to + 20% to the attack of the party members.

Best weapon for Yoimii

Guide: Genshin Impact - Youimiya. Best builds, weapons, artifacts

Five star bows

Thunder Pulse Is the best bow for Yoimii at the moment. Crete. damage on the bow allows you to collect more attack and crit. chance in artifacts, and passive increases attack power by another 20% -40%. In addition, damage from normal attacks grows depending on the number of Thunder Emblems. Three different emblems are given for three different conditions: when dealing elemental damage with a normal attack (for 5 seconds), when using an ult (for 10 seconds), and when the character’s energy is below 100% (valid until 100% energy is restored).

Heaven wing – increase and crit. chance, and crit. damage, as well as the largest basic attack among all bows. An extremely powerful option for Youimii.

Bow of Amos – will increase the damage of main attacks due to the flight range of the arrow. But the secondary stat is attack power, so don’t forget to equip Yoimiya with artifacts for crits.

Four star bows

Rusty bow Is the best four-star bow that outperforms its non-elevated five-star competitors at high elevation phases. Yoimiya will come in handy for a serious bonus to normal attack damage.

Green onions – a good bow from the battle pass with additional control of opponents due to the chance to cause a cyclone that attracts enemies. Gives a chance to crit, which is rare for a “purple” weapon.

Hamayumi – A new crafted bow, the recipe for which is obtained in Inazuma. A very powerful passive enhances your main attacks, but makes it difficult to use your ultimate: the maximum damage of main attacks is achieved only at 100% of the character’s energy. Also, with this bow, it will be difficult to wear the Shimenawa Memories set.

Prototype: Crescent – Another budget weapon option for Youimii. Crafted and cheap to make bow, which gives a bonus to attack. But passive (hitting with an aimed shot on weak spots increases movement speed by 10% and attack power by 36-72% for 10 seconds) is a little problematic in implementation: you have to target the weak spots of opponents, and not just auto-attack.

The best artifacts for Yoimii

Guide: Genshin Impact - Youimiya. Best builds, weapons, artifacts

Let’s say right away: the difference in damage between the available sets of artifacts for Yoimiya is minimal (provided that the artifacts in all sets have plus or minus the same stats). Therefore, choose the set in which you have selected the artifacts with the best characteristics.

The easiest option to build is the hybrid. Two pieces The burning scarlet witch (+ 15% Pyro damage) + two pieces Gladiator or Memories of Shimenawa (+ 18% to attack) – simple and effective: you don’t have to activate any special passives.

Full set The burning scarlet witch very good in a group based on constant reactions. Yes, the passive from four items will not be able to gain the maximum number of stacks, but the damage from Overload, Steam and Melting will still be increased.

Oncoming comet – one of the best choices for Youimii if you have a good shieldman on your team (ideally, of course, Zhong Li). A full set will increase the damage of a normal and charged attack by as much as 40% if you are under a shield. The latter is especially useful for Yoimiya in general: it is very important for her to continuously deal damage and maintain stacks while Yeshka is active. Any dodge, damage, knockback can break the cycle and reduce damage per second.

Lava walker (increases damage against enemies under the influence of Pyro, by 35%) – the option is not the most popular, but you should not discard it if you were attacked by enough successful artifacts from the set. Add a character to the Anemo group to permanently inflict Pyro status on enemies with Dispel, and this set can shine. Below in the discussion of Yimii’s partners, we will give an example of such a command.

Memories of Shimenawa – a new set from Inazuma: a passive for + 18% attack power for two items and a very powerful buff for + 50% damage from main attacks after “eshki” for a full set. But there is a downside: you will be much slower to gain energy for the ultimate due to the constant burning of 15 units of energy when using the elemental skill.

Ceremony of the ancient nobility – Potential option for Yoimii’s support if there is no one else in your group to give it to. When using the ultimate, the team gets up to + 20% attack power from Yoimii herself (if there are stacks) and another + 20% attack power from the full set. Serious gain. While many look at this option with caution, but it could become more valuable in the future if, with the advent of new characters, Yoimiya becomes the ideal support heroine for one of them (like, for example, Tartaglia for Xiang Ling). There is a great chance that then it is Yoimii’s ult (and not “yeshka”) that will be used on cooldown.

The set works well for beginners. Warrior – it will increase the damage of normal and charged attacks by 15%, as well as an additional 25% for 8 seconds. after using an elemental skill.

Key characteristics of artifacts

  • Clock by% attack.
  • Cup on the Pyro damage bonus.
  • Hat to Crete. chance or crit. damage. It is advisable to keep the crit balance. chance and crit. damage 1: 2, that is, for 50% crit we want to collect 100% crit. damage.

Top bonus stats, in order of priority:

  1. Crete. damage / crit. chance;
  2. % attack;
  3. energy recovery (recharge the ult faster if necessary);
  4. mastery of the elements (relevant in games based on elemental reactions).

The best companions for Yoimii

Guide: Genshin Impact - Youimiya. Best builds, weapons, artifacts

Since Yimii’s main weakness is the lack of damage to groups of enemies, we will select a team that will cover this deficiency.

  • Xing Qiu… One of those characters that fits well in almost any group. The constant imposition of Hydro from his long ult will allow you to create Par reactions, and Xing Qiu’s ult itself does good damage. Xing Qiu is especially good at the second constellation and above.
  • Bennet – unambiguous support number 1 for all Pyro damage dealers. The attack bonuses from Pyro Resonance and his ult are good on their own, and he will also be able to flood Yoimii with a lot of elemental particles from his short “eshka” in order to quickly charge her ult. With Bennett, it will be easier to use the Shimenawa Memories set.
  • Gan Yu… In this combination, both heroines can be the main damage dealers, but Gan Yu is a priority, because Yoimii’s ultimate does not buff her herself. Youimiya as a support will provide Gan Yu with increased damage and Melting due to his ultimate. And if the main damage dealer is Yoimiya, then Gan Yu’s ult will also create a foothold for Melting and give good area damage. At the same time, they are both archers, which will allow you to take out enemies from a safe distance, without running up close to them to use abilities.
  • Keia / Dione / RosaryAnother bunch of Pyro + Cryo, but we consider these heroes only as supports. Keia with his ultimate will provoke you into close combat, and this is a minus. Dione and Rosary, on the other hand, can apply Cryo to an entire area like Gan Yu, and Dione will also heal and provide a shield.
  • Fischl + Bay Doe. With them, you can create a team similar to Tartaglia’s main group, with the inclusion of Bennett. Bei Doe with his ulta will solve the issue of damage to a crowd of enemies, Fischl will also contribute, in addition, both will provide each other with electro particles. Don’t forget to equip Yoimiya with the Burning Scarlet Witch’s set, for constant Overload reactions are guaranteed. It is possible to replace one of the heroines with the Electro Traveler, but this option will be weaker.
  • Kazuha / Sucrose / VentiGreat companions for Youimii on elemental reactions. Be sure to equip them with the Emerald Shadow set – this will reduce the resistance of enemies to the scattered element (in our case, Pyro) by 40%! The first two will give a lot of mastery of the elements, Kazuha will also increase Pyro’s damage with his “yeshka”, and Venti’s ulta simply will not let the enemies budge. Controlling a crowd of opponents in general will allow you to safely damage enemies from afar. Если вы не планируете использовать реакции с другими элементами и рассчитываете только на Рассеивание, можно попробовать дать Ёимии сет Ступающий по лаве, если у вас на нём подобрались хорошие статы.
  • Сян Лин. Подойдёт как часть моно-Пиро группы. Добавим сюда Беннета и, например, Кадзуху, и главная проблема Ёимии решится сама по себе за счёт огромного урона по большим группам противников ультой Сян Лин. Да и восстанавливать энергию в такой пачке будет проще простого.
  • Чжун Ли. Желанный гость почти во всех командах — и здесь он тоже придётся как нельзя кстати. Его имбовый щит укроет Ёимию от атак врагов и позволит ей атаковать без остановки, а также срежет Пиро сопротивление ближайших врагов и активирует эффект полного сета Встречная комета для Ёимии.

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