As the game show us a futuristic man

Fantastic games and many editors have seen many generations of gamers. Small entourage and a pseudo-exuberance of fancy or large with a rational approach and relying on real scientific achievements – it does not matter.

Both categories are often bound by similar problem showing the worlds of the future and the possible TekhnoProgress coming age, the developers forget about the inhabitants of these worlds.

People of the future must comply with the time not only clothing that is already a rarity in games, but also manners, habits, language, finally! Unfortunately, running a great fighter Binary Domain,

You know: a futuristic gun with roboproblemami shown, and people clearly ponabrali of nameless strip club off the road in Iowa 90s. Hearing the voices of the characters and seeing them totally futuristic appearance (beautiful armor is not considered for it), do not believe in the plausibility of what he saw.

Rather, the viewer feels a talk show where the next “popadantsy” unknown miraculously transported to another world with their cultural backgrounds. This problem is the mismatch of characters the rest is widespread, as we talk today.

English – is not the limit

Slang – a required element of good-quality fiction. Invent it – is a difficult task: the phrase should not only fit into the world, but to speak for him. Some authors go further, inventing non-existent languages.

The cycle of novels The Expance introduces readers belter. This kind of Creole languages ​​facilitates communication between the nations of the space age. This is not fiction Danielya Abrahama and Frank Ty: Now the world there are more than 60 of these adverbs.

Interspecific lesbian sex - eka prodigy.  The "space" describes love in weightlessness.  This is more the brain breaks.

In the future, flight technology adaptation cosmic conditions are not enough. What is the point in the piece of iron, if workers with difficulty or do not fully understand each other? People had to literally find a common language, not a convenient one nation.

I’m just an employee Square – my fault here!

Final Fantasy X is not our future, but it’s a fantasy, where people on the first cast. The Japanese depict an alternate world in which there are the necessary ingredients of Futurism.

In jRPG among nations stands deserted Al’bet people with the same name of the language. They – the outcasts of the world “finalka”, where high-tech – a religious taboo. Al’bet not share the central faith and build machines banned. Their gibberish including work on the image of outsiders.

Only they do not have the language: the Japanese have come up with not even a dialect, and cipher. The letters of the English language are attached to symbols. As noted linguist Paul Frommer, we got a simple and unprepossessing code. While in the game to learn one character, you need to read weighty book.

Once in the metropolis Bevell, the characters discover the terrible: figures that looked at askance technique itself it is used.Once in the metropolis Bevell, the characters discover the terrible: figures that looked at askance technique itself it is used.

Cipher can not say anything about the object: it can only hide the information. There are exceptional cases, but they are discussed at the end. The “space” Belter properties reveal the future of people: it is a real language that evolved from the English and helps the expansion of people.

ABC of the future

Although Chinese, Spanish, Slavic and other dialects partially formed it. Future People greet each other with the word «Oye», which has Spanish roots. And where did curse «sabaka!», To anything to explain.

Belter of word formation, we see what the nation participated in the colonization of space. Taki is gratitude. Expression connects Scandinavian takk and Mandarin 谢谢 (pronounced “sisie”). Both are translated as “thank you”.

Moreover, Belter reflects the technical features of the world Danielya Abrahama and Frank Taya. The suits complicate communication, minimizing body language.

Soaps before showing linguistic borrowing.  Characters "Firefly" swear in Chinese.Soaps before showing linguistic borrowing. Characters “Firefly” swear in Chinese.

Characters fictional universe compensate for this simple gesture: a raised fist, they greet each other. The outfit is difficult to shrug: a raised palm people show that they did not understand the interlocutor. There is even a simplified gesture, which may be sent to the offender.

In Final Fantasy X user sees disgraced desert narodtse of their behavior, appearance, recreated them fiendishly complex machines. Language only adds color.

I am a philologist

Al’bet can not be considered a full-fledged language, because it was conceived as a cipher. Developers set the task before him: to hide information. This motivates the player to explore the world, to climb on the back streets in search of books. Otherwise the journey is too linear.

Without an expert on linguistics can not create a fictional language. Belter “Spaces” and it Na’vi of ‘Avatar’ – one of the best examples of Newspeak in pop culture. Because they were created for this task invited professionals. Rare author himself is able to write a false speech.

Recore - typical fantasy game: looks solid, slightly dunesh - will collapse like a house of cards.Recore – typical fantasy game: looks solid, slightly dunesh – will collapse like a house of cards.

Tolkien – an exception. He was not only a genius of the pen, but an expert in lexicography (a branch of philology). Moreover, the Mediterranean father since childhood inventing their own languages ​​- so they had fun with friends. Conventional writers will create a cipher, and it is not the most skillful.

The Expanse troubles level need a game in which Newspeak – the most important part of the world. Therefore, the Far Cry Primal hooked linguist to the developers created it prehistoric people. Without it can not create a proper level of immersion.

Games do not interfere to work on the scheme Ubisoft has : have large budgets, plenty of philologists who need a practical material for a doctoral. We just need to make the language an important part of the game.

Of course, the developers are not limited nedoyazykami like Al’beta. Just science fiction – a genre is so unpopular that of decent examples recall of Myst . Interactive fantasy, on the other hand, periodically gives adverbs of  Skyrim or the Ultima . The Star Track has klingontsev languages, Vulcans. It can boast such a wealth of the Mass Effect ?

By Bioware honor, she patched the "hole" in the expansion to the first part.  Convincing, however, is not.By Bioware honor, she patched the “hole” in the expansion to the first part.Convincing, however, is not.

Noon. 31 century.

Cipher itself does not carry anything but hide valuable information. Final Fantasy X can pereproyti with full knowledge Al’Beta. Then the user will notice that the dialogues reveal details long before the subject turns. But what’s the point? Gamer for 50 hours studied history and learned about the people and technology whatever he wanted.

“Futurama” acts wider it – encryption pattern. The original code is solved instantly. In the series, often see the phrase on one of the two “languages” of newcomers. Banners on the alien openly advertise “humane meat”, “burgers from human flesh.” Construction signs warn not about falling bricks, but about people flying down. US future Nevada map with borders “humane farm.”

These messages correspond to the idea of ​​”Futurama”, complement it: the future of technology has created a multinational (multi-species) Earth. Only aliens and their Soup express open aggression towards people.

Anchorman yells at the audience that they are doomed, and the male genitalia is used as Viagra. For the latest we have a tool that quickly extracts the penis. A member can be put into production after that, and the person could die of shock.

Fan art shows why people need to be afraid of the alien master.  This original can not bring good news.Fan art shows why people need to be afraid of the alien master. This original can not bring good news.

Moreover, during the cryo-sleep Fry’s aliens are destroying people twice: first burned our civilization. In the thick of the following and post-humans who built a life on the ruins of New York City.

Posters, incomprehensible, and the viewer, and Fry – a joke that does not just fit into the world of Futurama. Thanks to her, the show takes on a new conspiracy color. Some scenes are becoming more meaningful, forming an ominous picture of the future. But the puzzle lay down those who will think about it.

Futurama did not stop at the language code. In her world, tons of mathematical jokes, which emphasize adaptability of the world, the sense of humor of its inhabitants.

Rednecks in space

Usually it works with curses. People will continue to rage splashes despite modern purists and censors. The latter should be glad that will not survive the event Bulletstorm .

Grayson Hunt – a space pirate. It has become over the fate of the villain: idealistic soldiers turned into a drunken binge-profanity. Behind him throwing F-bombs and joke about the labia become the whole world. In the future, People Can Fly is difficult to find a decent man. More difficult to find people with a futuristic vocabulary.

Grayson is opposed to even greater ribald.  Bastard-General liners border crossing.Grayson is opposed to even greater ribald. Bastard-General liners border crossing.

Poles draw the fallen man of the future. Only those Graysons I see in your neighborhood every day. And they talk about the same thing. How so?

devouring Schlanger

The world of “Mad Max” too dark and ruthless. But there is much less swearing. And there is one that reveals the universe. Concubine of “Road Rage” dissatisfied with the character Toma Hardi, scolds him: «He’s a crazy smeg who eats schlanger»!

She uses slang kinoserii. Smeg – translated as “smegma”. The end of civilization spawned maniacs who are called «smegma-crazies». By the way, their countrymen – “gay berserkers.” As the merry fun, can only guess with each other. A “Schlanger” – it’s an old Australian curse. It indicates what value each man.

Technology in the “Mad Max” promote murder, raids, looting. But they are not able to maintain a semblance of order. Marginalized not only go unpunished, and fly into a rage, are degraded. So the future of Australian folklore added “fans smegma” and other perverts. And the corresponding insults.

Narrative "Mad Max" consists of Wasteland Legends.  This explains the contradictions movie scenes.  People - not the most accurate storyteller.Narrative “Mad Max” consists of Wasteland Legends. This explains the contradictions movie scenes. People – not the most accurate storyteller.

“Schlanger” like cars, movies symbolize devices communicate with our civilization. We inhabitants of the world have mostly bad, disgusting, forgetting to grab good. The heroine calls Max greasy little word for a reason: bad language corresponds to the future of film. And in this form is only possible in it.

Ruga island

Optionally, a futuristic swear words. Just Bulletstorm does it casually – from endless fuck and dick we do not see a future of peace. As common sense in the dialogue. Creative Director Adrian shooter Hmelash blushed read translation of the game in their native language. Poles until recently did not realize how clogged nepotrebschina dialogues.

Rare, but creative curse may indicate the center of the universe. This Mad Max surpassed Soviet science fiction. Strugatsky brothers invented the word “Massarksh”. Translated as “world inside out.” The atmosphere of the planet Sarraksh refracts the sun’s rays, so its inhabitants believe world concave, the only “inhabited island” of the universe.

The biggest tragedy of "Inhabited Island": for it will never make the game blockbuster.  Although the novel places to make requests on its Action-adventure game.The biggest tragedy of “Inhabited Island”: for it will never make the game blockbuster. Although the novel places to make requests on its Action-adventure game.

This psychology creates the world inside out: the world of technology consists of paradoxes. “On the one hand a great mnemonics, on the other – quite a miserable electronics. Powerful psychotronic weapons – and the weak air force, “- Boris Strugatsky explains the idea in an interview.

Power – idiot!

The idea to show the grotesque rednecks future is quite good. Poles simply clamped frames militants: no one will play for a really stupid hero. Moreover, in the spirit of the drunk Bulletstorm will die before reaching the final. He toasted help Exposed to high-voltage wire. War – it sober. Therefore, the picture of the world fun, but conditional. “Idiocracy,” Mike Judge does a better job with the same task.

In the 1960s engineer Toyota Shigeo Shingo applied the principle of “foolproof”. The technique should cut the wrong use cases. For example, the power cord will not stick in the slot for the Internet leads.

"Foolproof" originally referred to the production process.  The Japanese eventually replaced by a neutral phrase "error protection.“Foolproof” originally referred to the production process. The Japanese eventually replaced by a neutral phrase “error protection.

Judge expands on this idea by introducing it to the extreme, technology makes for a fool all the work. The interface and input device simplify the level kindergartners. A computer with the reception of the hotel almost straight puffy worker asks, “Show me where Bo Bo?”. “American Ultra” Not trusting even a passport: it is applied to an identification tattoo, that does not lose.

Doctor treats all sensible …

Technique – a continuation of the user mind, and not a replacement thereof. Therefore, the nurse of the future can not cope with diagnosing device. “Insert the wire into the mouth, the – in the ear, and the last one in the ass.” What could be simpler? Nevertheless sensors fall into the protagonist in the wrong hole. Medicine of the future of his disappointed.

Ironically, medical principles have brought humanity to an impasse. As long as a hero asleep, health zashtopyvalo scrotum idiot who tried to jump on the scooter from the lake into the pool. Moron fruitful, and multiply, as the Lord commanded. However, the medicine is not able to help the intellectuals. The problems under the tree dies from a heart attack, leaving no offspring. The director has shown and idiots of the future, and as we become them.

Vitaly Milon just like it, but President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho much worse as a politician.  Although both hate gays.Vitaly Milon just like it, but President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho much worse as a politician. Although both hate gays.

Hollywood shows not only idiots, but their inherent technology of the future, stronger thickening paint. Mayk Dzhadzh created hyperbolized world. And I believe it in part. That is, if not brilliant, brilliant embodiment of the People Can Fly concept.

Mediocrity – our everything!

Their Bulletstorm – is exaggerated to insanity and idiocy gunman. If the “Commando” gave birth to a child from Gears of War , which brought Steven Seagal. But we do not understand why people have come to such a life: Schwarzenegger in the XXII century, became president of the Earth, and burned all the good movies?

Contrast “Idiocracy” becomes spectacular, thanks to the hero, who empathize with whom assotsiiruesh themselves. In the background insanity future blooms: the viewer is watching dystopia, so empathize with the hero Lyuka Uilsona.

In the XXI century it was mediocre, so the future of the world for him to watch with interest. Mediocrity will hope our descendants. Neechelovechestvo without going to the sunset: soda water the fields, she pours out of public fountains.

Together with corporal Dzho Bauersom in cryo-sleep placed hooker.  Subjects who do not mind the risk, will save us all.Together with corporal Dzho Bauersom in cryo-sleep placed hooker.Subjects who do not mind the risk, will save us all.

“Idiocracy” does not do the impossible. Her style, spirit, humor close game series Theme Hospital . It also shows the absurd picture of the world – only in medicine and chief physician of the height of the chair. The zero Developer patted corporate life. Microsoft finished off the studio, finishing work EA’s . Last opted games like Bulletstorm .