Street Fighter V

Between the earth and the palate

six-button layout only initially raises questions (this is against the background of a three buttons in of Virtua Fighter !). Most of the “speshelov” require turning stick to 90 °, the extremely rare combination of 180 °, and two “full circle” is only for old times Zangieva. In “muvlisty” popular heroes of some changes (they can be quickly found, for example, on YouTube-channel DrewTony’Z ); thoroughly redesigned R. Mika; but the important thing is now the men squeeze juice from fresh V-System.

How to activate the V-Skill and V-Trigger, I wrote in the preview. The addition to the combat system has been helpful and has brought into play a fraction of the entertainment and aggression. Judge for yourself: V-Skill allows Zangieva absorb a couple of punches opponent, Dalsimu – hang in the air, Laura – perform rapid “OHP” -ataku, Birdie – to throw at his feet banana peel on which slips unwary enemy …

A V-Trigger allows individual soldiers nehily increase the forces which, in combination with a “charged” techniques (spend Ex- «strip” are inputted by pressing two buttons simultaneously) turns disaster from bruises and broken bones.

On the other hand, the SFV – tournament discipline, with certain central in the coming years, so make of it, “the blonde» of CapcomI did not. For example, M. Bison deprived receptions with invulnerability, and “veykap” -ataki – separate song.

There is no “battonmesha” when trying to get up from his knees, no chance to hold at the same time a good shot – helps only patient blocking. I will not go into the intricacies of one of those “why armorbreykayut only projectiles Ryu under the buff” (thematic websites to help you), and if you are a beginner, once ceded to the detailed “lectures” Momochi .

Street Fighter 5 game review

The plot in the SFV served at indie type 2 Karate Master: Knock Down Blow.

And he shall pass to the roster. Classic characters like Ryu and Chun Li in the arena, they just miss. “Explosion” of the past under the name Street Fighter Alpha represent R. Mika, Karin, Nash and Birdie. Karin nice fan a variety of attacks, Mika has pomoschnitsa- “striker” with Birdie need to keep your eye even from a distance (otherwise cripple chain!) And all looks brighter Nash – with class “normals”, teleportation and the ability to “swallow” ” projectiles “.

Nash of the newcomers in terms of mobility recalls Rashid, shamelessly walk around in sandals and fashionable electronics. The plus lean FANG – resourcefulness and serious range attacks. Killer looks Laura with her crazy and throws lightning “deshami”. Finally, Nekalli requires a special approach – it is like a bear, like Zhang, but at the same time fast, like a train.

Fresh blood went SFV benefit. It’s a shame that men only sixteen, and Sakura, Ibuki Sean and showed only “syuzhetke” that barely pulls on the title of the prologue. On full movie Capcom 

He waved, limiting flimsy comic. No modes “Arcade” and “Test”, plus an unfinished “Versus” masks “Survival”, where you fights with monotonous string of enemies, using the breaks bonuses (filling any scale, up to the attack, and so on).

Street Fighter 5 game review

Ryu will roll your neck rather than will roll out of its way.

The failure of a “single” is partly understandable. Previously SF always comes to the arcades, and to release on home platforms, Capcom had time to figure out what to do with a lone player. The second argument – the Japanese initially promoted SFV as a competitive discipline.

The online split is implemented on the league level of skill, so do not be afraid – under the wheels of a giant level Daigo Umehara (Daigo Umehara) you do not throw. Fights on the web are going well, but in the early days there was a number of problems – from frozen without updating leaderboard to impunity “reydzhkvita”.

Because of the emphasis on online and pay future additions of characters, arenas and odyozhki SFV pulls compared with some free-to-play-fighting game (as it seemed, this niche died …). However, this is probably unnecessary. Still, the combat system and is polished, and a good graphics. Although backgrounds noticeably lacking in detail, and interactive objects I would like more. Themselves arenas small – only eleven. In short, in SFV just a little.

Street Fighter 5 game review